Sony FMP-X10 4K Ultra HD Media Player out in July 2014

by on June 30, 2014

By Matthew – June 30th, 2014

Sony’s 4K initiative is gaining new momentum as they continue to roll out exciting additions to their line-up of 4K devices. They unveiled the FMP-X1 media player last year, and in May 2014 announced that the FMP-X10 4K Ultra HD Media Player will be out on 15 July. With it you will be able to stream all the latest 4K content into one box.

What the FMP-X10 4K Ultra HD Media Player will give you is a larger selection of 4K films than ever before. You will be able to download hundreds of films from Video Unlimited 4K and stream 4K content from Netflix. Sony are bundling 50 free 4K videos with the media player that will showcase the fine detail of 4K high-definition resolution. In addition, you can also store some movies on the media player’s 1TB built-in hard drive.

Those with 4K Sony camcorders can save their own videos to the box. The media player’s hard drive has plenty of space for hours of video footage. You can also connect external hard drives to the FMP-X10 to expand your storage space.

Note that a 4K Sony TV model is an essential requirement for the FMP-X10. The media player is compatible with both 2013 and 2014 Sony TV models only. As the FMP-X10 is the first media player to include HEVC decoding, it can decode and stream 4K Netflix content even if you do not have a TV with built-in HEVC decoding. The media player will also be compatible with Sony’s 4K projectors.

This media player is one that has 4K photo services. Consequently, photographers can choose from a variety of slideshows that showcase pictures in stunning 4K detail using the 500px service. You can share photos directly via your USB stick, or you can input digital camera cards into the SD Card slot to view photographs.

You can pre-order the FMP-X10 4K Ultra HD Media Player from Sony’s website. It will be retailing at $699.99 from July. However, for the first two months it is available at a reduced $499.99.

With the upcoming FMP-X10 4K Ultra HD Media Player and an increasing range of 4K TV Sony’s 4K bandwagon is gaining ever more momentum. Their TVs and media players showcase a dazzling array of 4K content. Below is a more detailed list of the FMP-X10 media player specifications.


USB: Yes
Network: Yes
Internal HDD: 1TB
External HDD: Yes (USB for Video Unlimited 4K)


USB 2.0: Two (One Front, One Rear)
Ethernet: Up to 3840 x 2160/60p
HDMI™ Audio Output(s): One (Rear)
HDMI™ Video Audio Output(s): One (Rear)


HDD: Yes
Power: Yes


BRAVIA Seamless UI: Yes
USB Playback: Yes (Video)
Wi-Fi Built in: Yes (802.11 a/b/g/n)
X10 Music Player: Yes
Netflix: Yes
Video Unlimited 4K: Yes


AVC: Yes
Dolby Digital Plus: Yes

Video Compression Resolution: Up to 3840 x 2160/60p


Dimensions: 9 13/16 x 2 x 9 13/16 in (250x50x250 mm)

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