Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds

4K Protocol allows anyone to store physical assets on-chain by transforming real-world collectibles into Physically-Backed NFTs.


The Physical-Digital Bridge ™

Store Physical Collectibles on the Blockchain

4K Protocol is the world's most trusted way to bring real-world collectibles on-chain. We make it easy for brands, marketplaces, and dApps to mint, redeem, and manage Physically-Backed NFTs.

$10 million secured

Total assets secured and growing quickly

Backed by the best


Why NFT Physical Collectibles?

We're building a new Web3 primitive — transforming the way physical assets can interact with the blockchain and enabling humanity to transact in trustless, permissionless, and never-before-seen ways.

Plug into DeFi

Unlock new value from your collections.

  • Collateralization & lending

  • Fractionalized ownership

  • AMM liquidity pools

  • Interoperability

Build Projects

Power-up your marketplace or dApp.

  • Easily support Physical NFTs

  • Seamless minting and redemption

  • Hand off inventory management

  • Plug & play solution


Tokenize your merchandise.

  • Build value for core evangelists

  • Easily transact with Physical NFTs

  • Earn residual fees on resales

  • Push your brand into Web3


Future Use Cases

  • Gaming

  • DAOs

  • Financial Products

  • Defi

  • Social Networks

  • Interoperability

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The 4K Protocol Vision

4K Protocol is built with interoperability, decentralization, and composability in mind to support a growing ecosystem of collectors, marketplaces, dApps, and communities.


Guardians are nodes on the network that store physical assets and approve minting of physically-backed NFTs.

Physical Validators

Physical Validators are nodes on the network that coordinate authenticators and appraisers to determine authenticity and asset value.

Physical Oracles

Audit Oracles keep Guardians accountable by physically auditing the stored assets. Physical Asset Pricing Oracles provide a price feed to enable integrations with DeFi.


4K Protocol is a bridge that enables Physical NFTs to move across multiple L1s and L2s, even on non-EVM compatible blockchains.


4K Vault

Unlock Value with the 4K Vault

The 4K Vault is your dashboard for managing Physical NFT collections, logistics, and redemptions. Get the most out of your Physical NFTs by connecting to marketplaces, dApps, and DeFi.

Manage Collections

Mint collections of Physical NFTs. Create branded landing pages to showcase your inventory.

Exchange & Trade

Make offers on collectibles using WETH, USDC, or WBTC. Frictionlessly exchange using Physical NFTs.

Inventory Management

Easily manage minting, storage, and redemption logistics. Update your inventory at any time.

Fee Management

Quickly update storage and insurance fees. Set residual payments for secondary market resales.


Tokenized Merch

A New Way to Sell

Tokenized Merchandising offers brands, creators, and marketplaces a new way to engage with communities and build value for core evangelists.

Sell your merch as Physically-Backed NFTs, create community access passes, and earn residual fees on every resale.

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Getting Started

How Does it Work?

4K Protocol is a new building block for the composable Web3 ecosystem. Tokenizing physical collectibles opens the door for countless unexplored future applications in DeFi, Merchandising, and the Metaverse.


Submit a quick intake form with information about your item.


Send in your item and receive an NFT after it has been verified.

Live Networks

4K Protocol and Physical NFTs are Currently Supported On:

Upcoming protocols

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Join the Network

Interested in partnering? We're always looking for storage providers, developers, and asset authenticators. Drop us a line.

Get involved

Help us Build the Future

Become a network node or explore branded partnerships. Earn incentives for your contributions.



Leverage 4K Protocol’s real world infrastructure and easily build your decentralized application.

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Have an existing marketplace for collectibles, luxury assets, artwork, or fashion? Let us bring your brand into Web3.

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Web3 Merchandising

Web3 Merchandising

Sell your merch as a collection of Physically-Backed NFTs. We partner with brands, creators, and communities.

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Built with the future in mind. Bridge your Physical NFTs across all major L1s and L2s, even on non EVM compatible chains.

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What will you nft?

Turn your collection into NFTs

4K Protocol accepts collectibles, luxury assets, artwork, fashion, and more. Unlock more value from your assets with the power of Web3.