Sharp’s New 8K HDR TV Seems Absurd But It’s Coming For Regular Buyers

by on September 3, 2017

Juan Carlos Ropel, Sept 3, 2017

The evolving nature of the electronics industry and the growing demand from consumers to have the utter best picture quality for their televisions have pushed manufacturers to produce most of their new displays above HD resolution, essentially making 4K resolution in today’s newer displays, alongside HDR, into essentials of any higher-end television. Thus, partly because of this, companies like Sharp are willing to up the game to an even further and some might even say absurd (at least for now) resolution milestone this year.

At an event called the “Horizon Broadened: SHARP 8K Ecosystem” held in Shanghai, SHARP announced the launch of its “revolutionary” new AQUOS 8K TV series, and the introduction of the SHARP 8K Ecosystem, which is Sharp’s strategy aimed to build and accelerate the development of 8K ultra-high-definition technology as a plausible and practical consumer market option.

Even though other brands like Samsung, LG, Hisense and Sharp have already presented their own 8k screen prototypes (Sharp previously released an 85-inch 8K monitor for the astronomical price of $100,000!), this is the first 8k screen to be commercialized by a retailer, although the regions in which the AQUOS 8K TV is launching are limited to select markets at least for 2018:  The AQUOS 8K is first coming to Asia, to China in October, Japan in December and in Taiwan in February 2018. The TV will arrive to Europe in March 2018 and most likely the United States around the same date.

Sharp Aquos 8K HDR TV

The main and obvious problem for those who decide to go for an 8k screen is the lack of available 8K content. For this reason, Sharp joined with Foxconn, the Taiwanese contract manufacturing company, to further increase the development of the 8K Ecosystem by creating products with 8K tech, such as chips, camcorders, and cameras. This of course doesn’t mean Netflix 8K HDR movies are anywhere close to coming for your region but it is a step in the direction of some 8K consumer content being developed.

As for the specs of AQUOS 8K, the giant TV will feature a 70-inch screen with a monstrous 7680×4320 pixels resolution (16 times more pixels than a Full HD TV). This new model will be compatible with Dolby Vision and BDA-HDR (no mention of HDR10 but it comes as a basic part of Dolby Vision HDR support, so it will surely be there), and will use a Yamaha Audio Engine with support for DTS 2.0.

Although there is no information on how much the AQUOS 8K will cost, Sharp has reportedly estimated a price of around 1 million yen ($9,000), which is actually not that ridiculously unreasonable considering the newness of an 8K HDR TV but for now, we think most premium-minded consumers will still prefer going for really robust 4K HDR TV for the same sort of price. $9,000 opens the door to many excellent options.

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