Samsung Unveils new Flat and Curved 4K HD TVs

by on July 16, 2014

by Matthew Adams – July 16, 2014

Samsung have announced a new lineup of 4K TVs this June. They include new HU8550, HU7250, HU6950 series of TVs. These TVs have both curved and flat-panel 4K Ultra HD models.

The Samsung Executive Vice President stated: “We’re excited to introduce another super-sized model and two entirely new series to our UHD TV family. Whether it’s a flat or curved UHD TV, Samsung continues to provide consumers the broadest selection of UHD TVs for any home.

The HU8550 is a giant new 85-inch addition to the existing HU8550 Ultra HD range, which has a flat-panel display. As such, the HU8550 series now includes six alternative TV sizes. This is a Samsung Ultra High Definition TV that has UHD Upscaling to deliver the full UHD picture. With this TV you can navigate through your TV, movies and other streaming content via the HU8500’s Smart Hub that organizes them into five panels. You can also talk to the TV with a series of vocal commands such as “last channel,” “record” or “turn off.”

The new HU7250 series includes smaller 55-inch and 65-inch TV models. They will also have a curved design that offers a wider field. These TVs boast Quad-Screen multi-link that splits the television into four screens. Then you can browse Web and watch live TV at the same time. In addition, they include both UHD upscaling and UHD Dimming for a better quality picture.

The HU6950 series is similar to the HU7250, but instead has a flat display. This new range of Samsung TVs will include three models with 40-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch display sizes. Each includes a Quad Core processor for faster browsing, content streaming and app switching. Like the HU8500, this series will have a 5 Panel Smart Hub for browsing content; and will also include comparable vocal input for switching channels etc. Its Smart Remote Control will have both a built-in microphone and a touchpad for navigation. With the HU6950’s Smart View 2.0 you can also turn compatible mobile devices into second viewing options.

The HU8500 is to retail at $10,000 in the USA. The two HU7250 will retail at $2,200 for the 55-inch TV, and $3,300 for the larger alternative. Samsung’s HU6950 series will be available at $1,000, $1,500 and $2,000 for the 40-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch models.

Samsung have already brought out the HU8500 TV and HU6950 in June. However, the HU7250 series will probably not be available until August. Note that specific models probably will make it to the U.K., but there could be slight variations on the above.

Overall, there are six new Samsung 4K TVs. They offer a multitude of options and stunning picture quality. Below are some basic specifications for the Samsung HU8500 TV. You can find further specifications for the new Samsung HU6950 series at this website.




84.5 inches


Smart TV with Apps, S-Recommendation and Full Web Browser




UHD Dimming



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