Phillips Latest 4K TV is the First to Have an Android OS

by on August 14, 2014

Philips announced their latest 4K TV model in July 2014. That is the 65PUS9809, which lays claim to be the first European TV with an Android OS. In addition, the TV is also equipped with Ambilight 4 XL.

As a 65-inch 4K TV the Philips 65PUS9809 boasts a 3,840 X 2,160 pixel resolution. It includes the Perfect Pixel HD Engine Ultra to give optimum image quality. That engine adjusts and optimizes the picture to ensure detailed pictures with greater contrast.

Google have certified the TV, and it runs on the same Android OS that comes with smartphones. As such, you can access apps on the Google Play Store, games and more besides. Plus you will also get easy access to streaming services such as Netflix.

The Ambilight 4 XL is another addition to the 65PUS9809. That is a system that lights up areas behind the 65PUS9809 with colors that match what is on the TV’s display. Its four-sided light show throws a glow of light on the wall behind the TV. You can also combine that with Philips Ambilight+hue app for an even better lighting effect.

The Philips 65PUS9809 wireless subwoofer enhances the TV’s audio. That is an outsourced speaker that you can place in alternative positions. In addition, the monitor includes a couple of 2 x 15W speakers.

The TV’s new slab Philips 3D Max (active) is compatible with a 2D and 3D convertor. As such, it has a full screen gaming mode so that each player has an image in full screen with the 3D active glasses.

However, the 65PUS9809 does not support the codec HEVC (H.265). Consequently, the TV does not have 4K streaming. An external 4K Streaming Player is therefore required. Philips stated:

When we follow developments on all TP Vision in the industry with new compression methods, which have the potential to transmit better 4K video streams, such as HEVC. If we are certain that the majority of providers deliver content over the HEVC standard in our markets, HEVC is certainly included in our plans. We currently calculate for the 9809 TV series customer needs and opportunities to offer a HEVC external solution when needed.

Philips have not confirmed a specific release date for the 65PUS9809. However, it will probably be out in Q3 or Q4 of 2014. Nor have they provided any retail details for the 4K TV. More will surely be revealed at IFA 2014. Check out the  65PUS9809’s specifications below.

Diagonal screen size: 65 ”
HD specification: Ultra-HD
Aspect Ratio: 16: 9


Television Type: LCD
Backlight: Led: Edge-lit
Resolution (TV): 3840×2160 (Ultra HD)
Local dimming: Yes


Smart TV: Yes
Smart TV: system
Google Android 4.2: Social media
Facebook, Twitter
Broadcasters on demand: NPO missed (NL), RTLXL (NL)
Other online content: 7sur7 (BE), Demo Allergen (BE), HLN.be (BE), Kijk.nl (SBS / Net5 / Veronica), Netflix, Nu.nl (NL), Picasa, Videoland on demand (NL), web browser, Youtube


Tuner type: Analog, DVB-C, DVB-T
Number of tuners: One
Common Interface: CI + Connect
WiFi available: No

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