Panasonic adds World’s Largest 4K Video Board to Churchill Downs

by on July 22, 2014

The Kentucky Derby is one of the greatest horse races in the United States. The legendary race course at Churchill Downs hosts the event. For the May 2014 Kentucky Derby Panasonic added a colossal new 4K video board, the largest ever built, to showcase the event.

It was at the 2014 CES Show that Panasonic and Churchill Downs first announced the world’s largest 4K video board would be installed for the Derby. Then the President of Churchill Downs Racetrack, Mr Flanery, stated, “We are thrilled to announce that the world’s largest 4K video board will have a home at Churchill Downs and, the fact that it will have 4K resolution truly solidifies our claim to fame as being known as the best venue for thoroughbred racing in the world. We are eager to début this new video board to fans and believe they will be truly excited about the clarity in which races will be broadcast.

Panasonic’s huge 4K video board showcased the odds and the enthralling Kentucky Derby race in May. The board is installed about midway along the backstretch of the historic course. They positioned the video board to maximize the 170-degree angle for fans in the clubhouse and grandstand seats.

The 4K video board has an area of 15,224 square feet, rises some 170 feet above the ground and is about 90 feet wide. It is bigger than three NBA basketball courts and 2,200 46-inch TVs! It also eclipses Churchill Down’s Twin Spires by about 50 feet. As such, it made the race clearly visible from almost any position within the 147-acre grounds.

In previous Kentucky Derby events they had thousands of TVs on site, and rented large video screens. Those video screens that showed the race odds were about a 10th the size of the new 4K video board. Consequently, the race horses on the smaller video boards weren’t always visible for spectators. The 4K video board now provides crystal clear clarity for a mesmerizing race.

The 4K video board isn’t just limited to the odds and race either. As the race lasts just a few minutes a wider variety of content is required. Churchill entered into a partnership with Van Wagner Big Screen Networks to produce original content the Derby weekend. The vice president of Big Screen Networks stated, “We are creating 13 hours of excitement, from when the gates open until the gates close.

The Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs was certainly an interesting venue to showcase the largest 4K video board. One fast-paced race offered considerable scope for filling the spaces with dramatic content. The President of Panasonic Eco Solutions North America said of the project, “4K content is truly the wave of the future and we are excited to bring avid racing fans this technology that gives them the ability to view content on a big screen as if they were up close and personal with the racetrack.

The new video board at Churchill Downs now shows off 4K to unprecedented scale. It could be the first of many 4K video boards at race courses in the USA and beyond.

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