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New Roku TV 4K HDR Streaming Stick & Enhanced Remote Coming In The Fall

by on September 21, 2017

Stephan Jukic – September 21, 2017

It’s still not 100% confirmed but we’re probably going to be seeing the release of a Roku TV 4K UHD streaming stick by some point in the fall of this year. At least that’s what’s being reported by the website Zatz Not Funny. The site owner cites a “trusted source” and claims to have confirmed the upcoming emergence of the Roku TV stick, with 4K ultra HD resolution and HDR support bundled into it (HDR10 presumably, as has been uniquely the case in all current Roku 4K devices with high dynamic range support). According to the site’s reporter,  the “4K HDR Roku Streaming Stick+”, as it’s supposedly called, will come with a fairly classic stick design instead of the more rounded dongle form factor’s we’ve been seeing from the likes of Google’s Ultra streaming 4K HDR device or the upcoming Amazon Fire TV 4K HDR dongle that’s also expected for later in 2017.

Other associated rumors being claimed as surefire by the website include mention of a new upcoming Roku TV remote with some serious revamping for all Roku devices, and an update for the Roku Express set-top box for late 2017.

New Roku TV 4K HDR Streaming Stick & Beefed Up Remote Coming In The Fall

The Roku remote revamp will reportedly mean a new power button, a volume rocker for more remote models, independent remote listening expansion and maybe some other more minor changes. The Roku Expresses updates weren’t specified.

Zats Not Funny is of course reporting things that have no official confirmation so far but their claims are credible enough and far from implausible. Furthermore, the website has previously given correct leak-based predictions on Roku TV and Amazon Fire TV announcements in advance.

As for the Roku 4K TV stick itself, it’s definitely the most exciting of these rumors from our own POV. We’ve loved Roku TV wherever we’ve found it to-date and the platform offers a genuinely enormous range of streaming media apps with some excellent usability built into its interface.

We’ll keep you all posted on any updates that emerge from these leaks.

Story by 4k.com

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  • Matthew Brown
    September 22, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    I have the current Roku stick, and the remote needs fixing. It loses contact or starts to behave erratically. The only fix is to reseat the batteries.


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