Hitachi is about to release its highly affordable Roku 4K TVs to the U.S

by on October 7, 2016

Stephan Jukic – October 7, 2016

The release of Hitachi’s 4K Roku TVs has been anticipated by tech watchers and consumers for months by now with no actual products actually hitting the shelves in the U.S. Now apparently this is on the verge of changing as the company claims that it’s just days away from releasing several different models in several different sizes and at some really affordable prices.

The new TVs will be coming out in 50 inch 55 inch and 65 inch sizes with the 50 inch model going on sale soonest but only to Sam’s Club warehouse locations. This smaller 4K TV will cost only $499. The 55 and 65 inch versions of these Hitachi Roku 4K TVs will be following soon after for $599 and $999 respectively. All of the new TVs offer 4K ultra HD resolution, a quad-core processor and will possibly even include some sort of HDR capability though we don’t yet have any confirmation of this. Even if no HDR is present in these Hitachi TV models, we’re still talking about 4K TVs being sold in great size ranges at some truly competitive prices even when compared to HDTV pricing.

The Roku TV smart platform

The Roku TV smart platform

The new TVs, which go by the model numbers 50R8, 55R7 and 65R8 respectively will all offer the extremely robust and content-loaded Roku TV smart OS platform which is also found on Roku’s new 4K UHD HDR set-top boxes which have also now gone on sale. With Roku TV, users can access over 3,500 streaming media channels which together offer about 350,000 different movies and TV shows. Now of course, only a small fraction of all these content offerings will be available in native 4K but even the non-Ultra HD content will at least upscale on these Hitachi 4K TVs.

As for the native 4K content offerings of Roku TV in these Hitachi televisions, they’re not too bad either since the new TV models offer a central 4K Spotlight channel which offers “curated” 4K content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, FandangoNOW and more than 10 other streaming ultra HD content sources.

Roku TV and Roku 4K content devices have both shown themselves to be not only popular among consumers of ultra HD content but also to deliver a remarkably well-rounded and consumer-friendly content experience.

The new Hitachi Roku 4K TVs offer a smart platform like that found in Roku's new Ultra 4K set-top box

The new Hitachi Roku 4K TVs offer a smart platform like that found in Roku’s new Ultra 4K set-top box

The Roku company is also now selling the 2016 replacements for its whole line of 2015 set-top boxes. Three of these are capable of streaming 4K content with HDR. They’re the Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere Plus and flagship Roku Ultra box.

Hitachi’s new TVs offer a very welcome new range of budget 4K TVs to the U.S ultra HD display market, which is dominated by the four major players: Samsung, Sony, LG and Vizio.

Hitachi is also releasing dozens of other non-4K Roku TV models to North America for this year.

Other brands which have already released their own Roku 4K and HD TVs in 2016 include TCL, Hisense, Sharp and Insignia, which is Best Buy’s own in-house TV brand. All of these TV lines cater to more budget-oriented consumers and if you’re interested, we’d suggest you shop around a bit to see which models from which brand offer the most display and feature appeal.

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