Crysis 3 Game Hacked to Give Exquisite Glimpse of 8K Resolution

by on June 23, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – June 20th, 2014

Even playing an HD game on your computer at the conventional resolution of just 1920 x 1080p, which is Full HD, creates some really amazing and immersive visuals. So imagine what it would be like if someone were to amp that all the way up to 8000×3333p.

Well, one intrepid gamer nick-named K-putt decided to do just that by hacking the game Crysis 3 so that it renders full 8K resolution in brief bursts. According to some of those who saw the result, it is simply mind boggling in its insane clarity, producing rendering that looks just like a highly detailed concept art painting.

Crysis was an excellent candidate due to the fact that since its first release in 2007, it has set the standard for high intensity real-time graphics card performance and visual effects. Crysis 3 itself has the useful features of being visually beautiful by design and being an already heavy burden for many graphics cards.

The way in which K-putt made Crysis expand to 8k resolution was by using a hacked executable of the game that he’d created with a program called OnTheFly. The new EXE file gave him access to all sorts of game controls that allowed for modification of resolution, draw distance, colors, contrast and other specs.

The end result of all the effort was a pixel count per frame of a whopping 26.6 million! This goes way, way beyond the 2 million pixels per frame that you’ll find with conventional 1080p HD rendering. Each screenshot from the game at this massively enhanced resolution hogs 24 megabytes of computer space and makes Crysis unplayable even on really powerful rigs.

In basic terms, in order to play the 8K Crysis 3 at a normal frame rate, you’d need at least a couple dozen times the processing power of even a very heavy duty normal gaming computer. K-putt for his part, was able to render the 8K version at only 2 frames per second despite his extremely powerful gaming set-up.

What he did was basically play the game at normal 1080 HD resolution, arrive at scenes that were worth showing off in 8K resolution and then upscale for a screenshot before continuing on with play in regular HD.

You can see some of his screenshots and a detailed description of how he pulled the entire 8K upgrade off right here

Even with the current trend in slow exponential scaling of HD and gaming resolution, diminishing returns on processing power from newer generation GPUs are making it unlikely that 8K will be available on the consumer market at any time before at least a decade has gone by.

For now, even 4K gaming, which is itself also astonishingly beautiful at 3,830 x 2160 pixels, remains at least 3 to 5 years away. The screen resolutions for 4K viewing are already available and getting cheaper but gaming consoles that support 4K games still need to catch up.

Nonetheless, the glimpse this Crysis 3 hack gave of just how crystal clear game graphics could potentially be was absolutely stunning and worth the effort.

Story by 4k.com

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