These Are The Best 2016 4K TVs under $900 For Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year

by on December 24, 2016

Stephan Jukic – December 24, 2016

Now we get down to our short list of what we consider to be the best 4K HDR TVs on sale for Christmas, Boxing Day and the 2016 year end Holidays at prices below $900. These models aren’t quite as stunning as the top-shelf televisions in our post on the best premium 2016 TVs but the following TVs do come with their decent share of premium features and with one exception, they all offer the beauty of High Dynamic Range display to some degree or another. For their cost, these are the best choices available right now in our review-based ranking. Before we get down to the TVs themselves however, a few quick points to keep in mind about buying a 2016 4K TV vs waiting for a 2017 model:

Yes, new 4K UHD TVs will be coming out with even better display standards by the Spring of 2017 and many of them are going to get covered here at 4K.com as they first get announced during CES 2017 but this doesn’t mean that a 2016 4K TV is now a bad idea. Far from it and for the following reasons.

For those who want the most cutting-edge display specs and hardware available, many of the new 2017 4K TVs that are coming by the spring of next year will probably be at least moderately better than their 2016 counterparts but they will come with a major price premium in many cases and furthermore, for some brands, there are no guarantees of superior display quality in next year’s models. We saw this with even Samsung’s 2016 KU-Series 4K TVs, some of which were actually slightly inferior to their 2015 JU-Series cousins. Because of this, if you’re deciding between a 2017 and a 2016 4K HDR TV, it’s worth bearing in mind that the 2017 models won’t be arriving on sale for a few more months yet and that either way, the standards now found in the 2016 models are fully future-proof for the near future, making today’s televisions into some still excellent choices at wonderful prices.

Now, let’s move onto our listing of what we solidly believe to be the best 2016 4K TVs for less than $900, based on our own reviews of each model and cost/benefit comparison with other 4K TVs in these price ranges..

 Vizio P-Series 50″ Class Chromecast Built-in 4K Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range: $899.99


Vizio’s P-Series 4K TVs are some of the best 4K HDR home entertainment products of 2016 in our view and the only reason we ranked this model at the bottom of the list is because it’s sometimes hard to find. That aside, the P-Series are full HDR 4K TVs and some of the only major models sold in the U.S which offer full support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR standards while retailing at what we’d call budget prices. Thus the 50 inch P-Series comes with superb black performance, excellent motion handling and a truly wonderful level of color performance while also including some absolutely excellent local dimming technology. This last spec is the case because the P-Series models are the only low-priced 4K TVs on sale this year which also happen to offer full-array LED backlighting technology, making their value all the higher for the price they retail at.

The 50 inch model is possibly the single best budget 4K TV, with numerous premium features, at this price due to its overall performance, full-array backlighting and complete HDR display capacity.

Samsung UN55KU7000 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV $897.99


Samsung’s KU-Series 4K HDR TVs aren’t quite as good as the company’s JU-Series models in some ways but they do offer a higher level of HDR support and what we consider to be superior peak brightness, color delivery and black performance specs. With this said, the KU-Series models are all very similar in key ways and the best of the bunch if pricing and specs are combined is the KU7000 in our view. The KU7000 delivers full HDR color performance with Wide Color Gamut and 10-bit color while also being one truly superb 4K TV for gaming in HDR or at 4K resolution. We think that the peak brightness of the cheaper KU6500 and KU6300 TVs is better but the KU7000’s HDR color specs make it a better deal at $897.99 for the nicely sized 55 inch model. This model, like nearly all 2016 Samsung 4K HDR TVs, also happens to be an excellent console gaming television..

Sony XBR43X800D 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV $648


Sony’s 43 inch X800D is one very small budget 4K TV at one very low price but for this price, it offers some of the best display and content playback (as well as gaming) performance we’ve seen among all 2016 4K HDR TVs.

This model is a full HDR 4K TV with HDR10 content reading and display support. It also comes with full HDR color, wide color gamut and 10-bit color performance specs while handling motion wonderfully, offering even judder-free 24p content support. Additionally, the stylish little X800D delivers the full Android TV smart platform found in all of Sony’s 2016 4K TVs and its VA panel display guarantees deep, rich black levels and excellent contrast performance. If you want an extremely affordable 4K TV with HDR and premium hardware/display and smart TV specs from the 2016 lineup, the X800D is one of the very best choices available.

Samsung UN55KU6300 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV: $717.90


The Samsung KU6300 isn’t quite as powerful as the KU7000 in terms of HDR specs, mainly because it lacks full HDR color in the form of wide color gamut technology, but this extremely affordable 4K TV does offer 10-bit color, superb general display specs, excellent black levels and it also offers the added benefit of delivering superior contrast and black performance to the pricier KU7000. The KU6300 is also one excellent 4K TV for console gamers and especially for 4K and HDR gaming fans.

For the price its selling at, the 55 inch model of the KU6300 delivers some of the best value for its size range of the TVs on this list and we definitely recommend it if you’re not in need of the best in premium display specs but want a solid 4K UHD movie and gaming performer.

Vizio D55-D2 D-Series 55″ Class Full Array LED Smart TV $541.90


The 55 inch Vizio D-Series model is by far the cheapest and most basic 4K TV on this list. It doesn’t offer any sort of HDR specs for either color, HDR standards support or contrast and the D-Series even lacks some of the better, more advanced web-connected smart TV features of the other 4K TVs listed here (including the considerably superior P-series from the same brand). However, what the D-Series model does offer is a rock solid basic movie watching quality for people who want no-frills 4K resolution and upscaling of non-4K content in a TV that’s absolutely affordable by almost any standard. In this regard, the 55 inch D-Series excels and it offers a very robust display space to boot. Furthermore, the D-Series line of Vizio TVs does offer one feature that no other model on this list can beat. They are some of the absolute fastest console gaming TVs we’ve ever seen, either for HD gaming or upscaled and native 4K gaming. With an input lag of just 13 milliseconds, this extremely affordable model is THE competitive console gamers TV of choice, as long as you don’t mind the lack of HDR support.

You will not find a 2016 55 inch 4K TV from a name brand that’s better than this model for less than $600.

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    January 3, 2017 at 3:08 am

    Vizio D55-D2 D-Series 55″ Class Full Array LED Smart TV $541.90

    You probably mean 13 milliseconds, and not 13 seconds. It’s a funny mistake because you wrote the strong point of this TV as being the fastest response time good for competitive gaming. *wink*


    • Stephen
      January 6, 2017 at 1:20 pm

      Thanks Distol, thanks for pointing that error out. It has been corrected and yes, it was a slip of the keyboard. 13 seconds would be….. a catastrophe..


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