4K Amazon Prime Video App Will Be On Xbox One X From Launch

by on November 6, 2017

Stephan Jukic – November 6, 2017

As of very recently, Microsoft announced to its international Xbox console consumers from major markets like Mexico, Canada, France, Spain and Italy that they would finally be able to access Amazon’s Prime Instant Video app on their existing Xbox consoles for the first time. To U.S Xbox users, this probably isn’t really a big deal since the consoles have had the Amazon app since the end of 2016. However, what Microsoft also happened to announce along with its revelation of an international release of the Amazon app to Xbox consoles was that the Xbox One X would have Amazon Prime Instant Video with access to the full range of Amazon’s 4K content offerings right upon its launch date.

Amazon Pr9ime 4K app Xbox One X

As many of you probably know, Xbox One X launches tomorrow, November 7th, 2017 and the anticipation for the new console is downright huge in the run up to this date, particularly among 4K HDR TV-owning console gamers who want the real 4K console gaming that Microsoft has been promising and demonstrating of the One X for months now. Along with the console’s launch, the Amazon Prime Instant Video app with all 4K content enabled will be part of the available downloads for the ultra-powerful console’s apps options. This means that aside from its native 4K UHD Blu-ray playback capacities and access to other 4K content apps like Netflix, the One X will also offer immediate membership and individual 4K movie rental/purchase access to all Amazon Prime users right through the console as a nice bonus feature of the new machine.

Of course, whoever shows any interest in the Xbox One X and its ultra HD gaming capacities probably already owns a 4K TV to begin with, and virtually all newer 4K TVs come with Amazon Prime in 4K baked right into them. Thus the above is a close to redundant. However, it will be convenient to move from Amazon and other 4K content sources to gaming and back right inside the console interface. The Amazon addition is also a nice show of non-gaming flexibility from Microsoft for their Xbox One X. In other words the console is also a robust content platform, not just a gaming toy.

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The same basic, simple download process applies to the Xbox One X

Here are Microsoft’s own official words on the addition, from the Xbox Wire site:

“Amazon Prime Video members are now enjoying popular new original series like the superhero comedy “The Tick,” the most-watched Prime Video series worldwide –  “The Grand Tour” – from Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, and popular and award-winning Amazon Original Series like “The Man in the High Castle,” “Transparent,” “Mozart in the Jungle,” “American Gods,““Sneaky Pete” and more, along with popular Hollywood movies and TV shows.  Prime Video also has titles available in 4K UHD meaning customers can enjoy their favorite movies or series with unprecedented picture clarity – details are sharper with smoother lines so that even up-close images seem clearer and more realistic.”

Quite frankly, we can’t wait to see what sort of Black Friday discounts (if any) the Xbox One X will be getting. It’s official November 7th retail price will be $499.99 (the same as One X’s current pre-order price) but some sort of discount on this is definitely possible on November 24th.

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