When Hayden Adams and the Uniswap team released Unisocks in 2017, they paved the way for the future of merchandising. Learn about the story of Unisocks and how 4K is pushing the idea of Tokenized Merch into the future.

Bring Your Merch into Web3.

Merchandising no longer ends at the immediate point of sale. We’re entering an age in which customers should be rewarded for their support of your brand. With Tokenized Merch Drops, any creator, community, or brand can easily create a collection of merchandise and convert their real-world product offerings into physically-backed NFTs.

Engage Your Community

Enable your Superfans and brand evangelists to flex. Offer unique reward mechanisms, gated membership access to events, or special editions.

Launch your own Collections

Custom collections will help you establish your brand across the physical and digital worlds while attracting new customers and building hype.

Crypto Native Integrations

Launch merch on a bonding curve, AMM, or other DeFi tools with new economic models.

Plug and Play Solution

Let us manage the boring things — inventory, logistics, shipping, and taxation. You focus on the things that matter.


Maximize returns with the latest Web3 tools.

Web2 merch is boring. Web3 merch leverages tokens and NFTs, enabling entirely new selling mechanisms that used to be impossible.


Bonding Curves

Algorithmic bonding curves and AMMs allow for dynamic pricing based on supply and demand.


Tokenized Merch Drops

Build hype in advance by dropping your merchandise as a collection of physically-backed NFTs.



Bridge your NFTs to other L1s and L2s.


DeFi Integrations

Enables collateralization and borrowing, yield farming, fractionalization, floor perpetuals, derivatives, and more.



Squeeze extra margins out of your merchandise by setting residuals for on-chain resales.