Review of the Samsung JS9500 SUHD Curved 4K ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV Series – UN65JS9500, UN78JS9500, UN88JS9500

by on April 7, 2015

When it comes to Samsung, you can almost always count on some serious quality and this trait especially applies to the manufacturers 4K ultra HD TVs. As the company with the largest market share of the market and some of the longest running experience in making the 4K TV, these people know what they’re doing and what will amaze their customers.

When it comes to their new Samsung UN65JS9500 SUHD TV line, they’ve excelled at all of the above and brought a truly terrific product to the market. The Samsung JS9500 uses its SUHD title as a sort of acronym for the fact that the TV is one of the company’s first to come with the innovative new technology of quantum dots. It’s also the first to use the new Tizen-based OS and just one of a tiered lineup of new 4K UHD TVs from Samsung that are hoping to revolutionize the overall market.

While not by any means what you’d call an affordable 4K model, this latest in the Samsung 4K lineup delivers on picture quality and other specs in ways few other 4K TVs can match.

The Good

The good features of the JS9500 are more than numerous and include a whole array of visual technologies that are designed to create a viewing experience on par with that of using a full-blown and much more expensive OLED TV. Furthermore, because the JS9500 comes with highly advanced visual technologies like full-array LED backlighting, HDR and quantum dots, its LED screen is actually superior to OLED in terms of luminance if not in maintaining truly black dark shades (the one thing in which OLED outshines all the other 4K TVs on the market)

Once again, picture quality is the single biggest overall “Good” feature of the JS9500. It looks positively spectacular and the internal quantum dot nano-crystal array works to create a vibrancy of colors that was not really practically possible in a TV set up until late in 2014. Best of all, because quantum dots only involve adding a single extra layer of technology to the display screen instead of rebuilding from scratch as is the case with OLED, these quantum dot models are a lot more affordable than their OLED counterparts from LG despite nearly identical picture quality.

The JS9500’s 65 inch screen, coupled with an elegant sweeping design and modular OneConnect box make for a truly lovely package that simply looks good in the living room. Furthermore, that OneConnect box isn’t just a gimmicky accessory, because it’s separate from the TV itself, it can be replaced as new connectivity systems for 4K TVs are introduced down the road. Thus, aside from being one of the most advanced 4K TVs on the market, the UN88JS9500 is also future-proofed for future innovations.

Continuing with the range of visual technologies built into the JS9500, we also have the fact that it comes with a 10-bit color LCD panel, direct LED backlighting (full array) with full-array local dimming technology (FALD) and is equipped with HDR content support.

This last feature, the HDR compatibility, is crucial to anyone who truly wants a 4K UHD TV that’s ready for the next generation of 4K ultra HD content. As entertainment producers and streaming providers start releasing HDR programming over their digital streams in the following months, the only TVs with the capacity to truly display it in its exquisite levels of contrast will be those that are designed to handle HDR. The SUHD JS9500 is currently one of only a few TVs going on sale now or very soon that is indeed HDR compatible.

Finally, there is also the fact that this model, being a 2014/2015 Samsung 4K TV, gives you access to several additional sources of ultra HD content that aren’t yet available to other TV brands. These include Comcast’s Xfinity 4K selection and M-Go’s small list of 4K programming, also a part of its regular subscription service but only available to Samsung 4K models.

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3.7 - 39 Reviews

The bad

Very little can be called “Bad” about the Samsung JS9500 and its cousins in the line. Fundamentally, this is one hell of an excellent television and its vibrant picture quality is virtually unmatched, in addition to all the other features we found on it.

However, two main things are worth mentioning. First, there is Samsung’s obsession with curved screen design. It may look stylishly cool but it offers very little or possibly no benefit in terms of “immersiveness” and could even reduce viewing quality from more extreme off angles. Furthermore, a notable tendency exists among manufacturers of curved TVs to price them higher just because of this one doubtful benefit.

The UN78JS9500 is going to be an expensive enough 4K TV as is (our second complaint about it) and it doesn’t need more dollars piled on for gimmicks.

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to pay the higher than average for 4K price of the Samsung SUHD UN65JS9500 and want a 4K ultra HD TV that absolutely won’t disappoint you in any normal way, then this is possibly one of the best choices on sale right now and for months to come.


• Screen size: 65 diagonal inches - UN65JS9500, 78 inches - UN78JS9500, 88 inches - UN88JS9500
• Smart TV: Yes
• HEVC (H.265) Included: Yes
• HD to UHD upscaling: Yes
• HDCP 2.2 Compliance: Yes
• Refresh Rate: 240 CMR (Effective)
• Screen Lighting: full-array direct LED backlighting full-array local dimming technology
Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels UHD
• Wireless Connectivity: Yes, includes WiFi, Blue Tooth, NFC and Ethernet port
• Remotes: Samsung Smart Control (TM1560B)
• Connectivity: 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, 3 USB 3.0, Ethernet, component, Digital Audio out, Composite, Headphone Socket, Common Interface Slot
• Sound: 60W (20W x 2, Woofer 10W x 2) Front Firing (4.2CH) speakers with Dolby MS11 and DTS Premium Sound 5.1
• Dynamic Contrast Ratio: HDR, extremely high
• Aspect Ratio: 16:9
• TV weight with/without stand: 70.2 lbs/78.3 lbs
• Dimensions: 57.1" x 33" x 4.9" inches without stand; With stand: 57.1" x 36.1" x 14.9" inches
• Processor: Octa-Core


As far as highlights in the Samsung JS9500 go, a number of them need to be covered briefly here. The visual specs like quantum dots and HDR are described in even more detail under “Visual Specs”.

Some of the key visual highlights include Nano-crystal quantum dot display technology, full array backlighting with multiple zones and a technology called Peak illuminator Ultimate. The quantum dot nano-crystals add a whole new layer of color enhancement film to the inside of the screen thus filtering the LED light into new variable arrays of color that massively enhance the overall spectrum of vibrant tones your JS9500 gives you.

The full-array LED backlighting enhances both the quantum dot technology and HDR effects of upcoming content from streaming providers by being able to reduce and expand luminance to specific sections of the TV based on a large number of zones whose lighting is controlled by an extremely precise algorithmic process. This is improved even further by Peak Illuminator Ultimate technology, which puts extra brilliance into the brightest sections of video being displayed on the TV.

Next up, we have the non-visual highlights that enhance the entire viewing and user experience of the JS9500. For starters, there is the Smart TV interface that Samsung has now completely revamped in this latest 4K TV. We’re talking about the all-new open source OS developed by Tizen. Not only will this new system feature all the same smart TV functions that were there in the previous and excellent Samsung Smart Hub interface, but there will also be amazing new features like a low-power Bluetooth system that can search out and sync up as many as five other Samsung devices in a given area. These include laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Then there is the OneConnect box that comes with the JS9500. This external connectivity unit has also been redesigned to work more smoothly, more efficiently and with less noise than previous versions. It offers the same future-proof external connectivity system that the OneConnect is known for offering.

Finally, to power the entire TV at a lighting fast rate of speed, we have the Octa-Core processor. This is Samsung’s fastest yet processing chip and in terms of how well it manages the entire sophisticated operating system, user interface and web browsing functions of the JS9500, few 4K UHD TV processors can beat it or even match Samsung’s Octa-Core technology.

Also, we should mention that the Samsung JS9500 comes with a built-in camera for easy, clear Skype calling and motion control of things like volume, content selection and video playback.

Check the Price of Samsung JS9500 Curved 4K Ultra HD LED TV on Amazon:

3.7 - 39 Reviews

Visual Specs

As a 4K TV that largely redefines the nature of 4K display technology in many ways, the JS9500 isn’t lacking for visual specs that are worth mentioning. This is definitely a TV that’s crammed with interesting features.

First of all there is the fact that this is a TV with the next generation of 4K UHD technology in mind. Thus, it doesn’t just offer the more common benefit of mere extra pixels and greater screen clarity. Instead, what you get with the JS9500 is a TV that joins together HDR compatibility, quantum dot nano-crystal technology for greater vibrancy, full-array backlighting, superb illumination and the much vaunted technology of “better pixels” (with more color combinations through secondary pixel colors).

The overall effect of all these technologies working together is a viewing experience unlike anything seen yet. Even in the OLED TVs created by LG lag behind the JS9500 in many ways, and can only offer superior black tones due to their self-emissive nature as a benefit over what Samsung SUHD TVs can do. Very similar to the capabilities of the Sony 4k TV's.

The HDR capability and quantum dots are both seriously worth mentioning with the JS9500.

While viewing content in high dynamic range means actually receiving it from a provider that has created programming with HDR encoded into it, the JS9500 as at least ready to offer you that option for when programs and 4k movies with HDR start emerging later in 2015. For now however, ordinary 4K content viewed on the TV will still look considerably better than on many other models even without HDR enhancement.

Also, for those that don’t yet know, HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is a visual enhancement technology that sharply boosts contrast between light and dark areas of the screen while preserving clarity in the image. The effect created by it is one of much more realistic visuals that sharply reduce the slightly faded look created by low contrasts between deep dark and anything bright.

This is largely so because of the quantum dots, which are the JS9500’s second major feature. With this new technology, the levels of color vibrancy you’ll see in the TV do really show, even for the most mundane video. The effect is a much richer, more nuanced and broader range of color reproduction that comes a lot closer to simulating reality than anything so far created in most 4K TVs.

According to the science of quantum dots, these tiny nano-crystal semiconductors with size ranges of between 2 and 10 nanometers can enhance overall color reproduction for accuracy by as much as 30% or more. Furthermore, they offer 64 times more color gradation to every pixel than what the pixels in a normal LCD LED TV would allow.

Also, the JS9500’s panel itself helps things out even further by offering 10-bit color with DCI-P3 standards, thus allowing it to make color adjustments within the expanded range allowed by quantum dots at twice the speeds other UHD TVs can manage.

As you can imagine, the overall effect is the distillation of a truly spectacular viewing experience.


There is no shortage of broad connectivity with Samsung’s latest and best 4K TV. The Samsung UN65JS9500 SUHD TV offer the entire package of WiFi, NFC and Ethernet connectivity. Furthermore, it has the already-mentioned Bluetooth-based mobile device synching technology that lets you connect up to five other Samsung devices to the TV at the same time.

Additionally, the Tizen OS comes with a full web browser and a feature known as Smart View 2.0 lets you cast videos and other entertainment from phones, laptops, cameras and tablets straight to your TV screen as long as you have your WiFi active.

Finally, there are the numerous streaming media and other web applications that come accessible right out of the box in the JS9500 SUHD TV. These include 4K ultra HD content kings like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and YouTube. And because the TV is fully capable of decoding HEVC and VP9 video compression technologies, you won’t have any trouble accessing any 4K videos from their streams as long as you also have an internet connection with at least 20Mbps of juice to it.

Finally, HDCP 2.2 content protection is built into the TV via one of its HDMI 2.0 ports, so copy-protected content is fully accessible from set-top boxes that connect to the JS9500 SUHD TV via HDMI cables.


The Samsung UN65JS9500 SUHD TV is obviously not a cheap TV even by 4K UHD TV standards and thus it currently retails for a very hefty $3,997.99 for the 65 inch version on Amazon.com and at comparable prices with other retailers. The even large 78-inch UN78JS9500 will cost $9,997.99 and the monster 88-inch UN88JS9500 will cost a staggering $19,997.99!

Check the Price of Samsung JS9500 Curved 4K Ultra HD LED TV on Amazon:

3.7 - 39 Reviews

Not so Great

The only real negatives are the very steep price tag and the fact that the unnecessarily curved screen contributes to that price while adding nothing extra in real viewing value.


• Ready for HDR and next-gen 4K content
• OneConnect box offers future proofing
• Quantum Dot nano-crystal color enhancement
• Superb vibrancy and overall quality in display
• Excellent connectivity
• access to wide range of 4K content sources
• Beautiful physical design


• Very expensive TV
• Curved screen adds little or nothing to visual value

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Bottom Line

If you have the money to spend on it, the Samsung UN65JS9500 SUHD 4K TV is probably the single best 4K home entertainment option available on sale today. It’s your gateway to the next generation of 4K ultra HD content.

Check the Price of Samsung JS9500 Curved 4K Ultra HD LED TV on Amazon:

3.7 - 39 Reviews

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  • Todd
    March 10, 2016 at 9:50 am

    Will you be able to view Ultra HD blu ray discs on this set. I thought you had to have an HDMI 2.0a input. Thanks.


    • Stephen
      March 10, 2016 at 10:55 am

      Hello Todd. Yes you will. Furthermore, like most other JU-Series and USHD Samsung 4K TVs from 2015, the JS9500 does actually have HDMI 2.0a updated into it since late 2015.


      • Todd
        March 10, 2016 at 1:47 pm

        Thank so much Stephen. I was looking at the LG EG9600 because I wanted OLED and 4K features in one but that lack of 2.0a is what had me hesitant. This monitor will be used in a small screening room in a library at a liberal arts college. I want to be able to utilize Ultra HD Bluray down the road. Thanks again.



  • Mike Schwartz
    March 11, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    I have this TV, the Sony 850c, and the Sony 810c.

    This TV has a stunning gorgeous picture. The HDR content I’ve downloaded from MGO is terrific.

    This site has the 850c as the #2 best tv. The 9500 is the best, imo. The 810c has a terrific picture, but it’s about half as bright as the 9500. Still a great picture for a fraction of the price.

    I like the picture on the 810c much better than the 850c. The 810c lacks 3D.

    The oled I’ve seen are kind of dark picture.

    Also, a tip.

    HD streaming from Netflix is one of the best video sources around. DVD is better, but considerably more expensive. Netflix is higher bit rate than DirecTV and uses HEVC compression. The result is at least 2x the picture quality of DirecTV.

    UHD is going to shine on DVD and download to disk, until we have 125 mbit connections. Netflix does 15.6 mbit for UHD, which yields only a slight improvement over DVD upscaled.


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