Meet the Team.

4K Protocol consists of tech lovers, strategic thinkers, and creative builders. We're changing the way the world sees physical assets and what people can do with them.

Portrait of Richard Li

Richard Li


Portrait of Stephen Gu

Stephen Gu

VP of Engineering

Portrait of Tyler Sullberg

Tyler Sullberg

Director of Product

Portrait of Steven Gonzalez

Steven Gonzalez

Chief of Staff

Portrait of Ryan Palmieri

Ryan Palmieri

Head of Production

Portrait of Wyatt Hilkene

Wyatt Hilkene

Director of Operations

Portrait of Matt Ilagan

Matt Ilagan

Senior Software Engineer

Portrait of  Otávio Madalosso

Otávio Madalosso

Senior Software Engineer

Portrait of Jose Herrera

Jose Herrera

Senior Software Engineer

Portrait of Iago Brayham

Iago Brayham

Software Engineer

Portrait of Christopher Fix

Christopher Fix

Warehouse Supervisor

4K Protocol is built by dreamers and doers.

We have backgrounds as NASA JPL engineers, DEFCON CTF winners, and Wharton & Harvard graduates.

The majority of our team is based out of an office in West Hollywood, CA, with additional remote workers sprinkled across the globe. We value diversity, inclusion, and expressiveness in our work, and try to keep things down to Earth even when we’re shooting for the moon.

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