Shipping Policy

We make shipping easy.

When shipping your item to 4K, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We only charge a very small flat fee to handle all of the logistics for you. You are also free to send in your items using your own shipping account or via any other method you prefer.

Shipping Fees

Immediately after filling out our inventory intake form, we will send you detailed packaging instructions and connect you with a third-party logistics coordinator to handle your entire shipment, end-to-end. The logistics coordinator will generate a pre-paid, fully insured shipping label from the information you provided and email it to you. All you have to do is package up your asset, print out the label, and take your shipment to a local Fedex or UPS center.

If necessary or at your request, we can schedule a Fedex or UPS pickup to come directly to your location. We only charge a flat $50 rate for this service, which covers up to $100,000 in value for each shipment. You also have the option to use your own shipping carrier and insurance. We will give you all the necessary details and instructions to safely transport your items to our facility. 

Status Monitoring and Alerts

While in shipment, 4K constantly monitors the tracking information for your shipment and you will receive automated notifications when your package is delivered. If there are any issues in shipment, the logistics coordinator will resolve them with the carrier.

Expedited Shipping Speeds

All shipments over $10,000 in insured value will ship overnight to our secure facility in Delaware, where they will be received by a professional handler. Upon receipt, our handler will inspect the item for any damage and record the entire unboxing of the shipment for record keeping.

Packaging Instructions

While we will send you a pre-paid shipping label for your item, it is still your responsibility to package the asset carefully to ensure that it does not get damaged during transit. Given the high value of the items submitted to 4K, it's imperative that proper packaging is utilized and dropped off in accordance with instructions.

Place the goods in a new small or medium box and secure the item in the box with padding. Insert this small or medium box into a new medium or large carrier box. Tender your double-boxed package to staffed carrier personnel only.

We will send through detailed packaging instructions prior to shipment. 

Drop-Off Receipts

When you drop off your shipment at Fedex or UPS store, be sure to keep your drop-off receipt in case there is a need to submit an insurance claim. This is recommended out of an abundance of caution, though you should feel supremely secure when dropping off your item. 4K and the third party logistics coordinator will monitor the shipment progress and provide all relevant notifications/alerts as your shipment is in progress. Once it arrives at our facility, a 4K employee will be on hand to receive your item and inventory it with the utmost care. 


You can redeem your NFT through and we'll prepare the shipment for you in a double-boxed, and well-insulated package. We will then ship the asset back to you on your preferred Fedex/UPS account or use a shipping label you have provided. We do not cover costs of shipping and insuring your item for redemptions. We also do not redeem any items on Friday, so as to not have items sitting in warehouses over the weekend. We only ship out Monday-Thursday.


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