We’ve Never Seen a Better Deal on a Name Brand 4K Home Theater Projector Than This

by on July 8, 2019
Stephan Jukic – July 8, 2019

The market for 4K HDR home theater projectors is famous for high prices even in the face of massive reductions in the costs of these devices over the last couple years. Thus, even most budget models today cost well above what the average 4K UHD HDR TV retails for. Some native 4K home theater projectors from Sony even continue to retail for several thousand bucks.

This is exactly why this genuinely excellent deal from Amazon for one of Optoma’s 4K HDR projector models is so impressively good. It offers one of these powerful home theater devices up for just $999, at a discount of $300 off its previous and already fairly affordable price (by native 4K HDR projector standards). Now obviously taxes will possibly apply on top of this price but if you’re an Amazon Prime member, shipping will at least be free so yes, the Optoma UHL55 Compact 4K HDR Smart Projector really will cost you just $999 retail.

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This is the lowest price we’ve seen for a 4K HDR projector from any quality brand and Optoma’s models are well known for exactly that: they deliver a genuinely robust home theater experience with excellent color delivery, luminosity and strong contrast ratio. Curiously, even though most Optoma projector models retail for far less than their Sony counterparts, they tend to be brighter than the competition, so in the case of the UHL55 in this deal, you’re looking at some great specs inside a very compact body that can be used right out of the box with virtually no special installation

The Optoma UHL55 is a full HDR projector that support sboth HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range formats and is also compatible with smart TV platforms of all types while being fully usable with voice control systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as well. In other words, what you get is the near equivalent of a 4K TV in terms of smart capacity but with a much bigger and more flexible display space.

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Now, coming down to the Optoma UHL55’s single best feature at this price, we can mention that it delivers genuine 4K UHD resolution. Unlike many lower-priced “4K” home theater projectors that simply upscale 1080p resolution to a simulated 4K UHD that’s really more like 2K resolution, this compact beast uses the technology of Texas Instruments4K UHD DLP chipsets to output 8.3 million distinct on-screen pixels during playback of 2160p 4K content. This technology is called “True 4K Ultra HD” and that’s what it effectively delivers in terms of total pixel count from frame to frame.

Again, at $999 for a name brand true 4K HDR movie projector from a brand that’s as consistently reputable on delivering quality projector models, this deal is sincerely superb and worth the price. We’ve never seen a better price for these kinds of specs in this kind of device, really.

Optoma UHL 4K HDR compact projector

Check the Optoma UHL55 Compact True 4K HDR LED UHD Smart Projector on Amazon

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