Here come Vizio’s remarkable Reference Series 4K UHD TVs, starting at $6,000

by on October 7, 2015

Stephan Jukic – October 07, 2015

Most of us know Vizio as the company that brought highly affordable 4K UHD TVs to the market for customers who wanted to see what all the fuss about the resolution is about without spending a fortune on a new television. In fact, we could even argue that Vizio is one of the players responsible for bringing down the general prices of 4K televisions in the market as a whole.

Now however, the company known for its famously affordable P-Series and M-Series 4K UHD TVs has gone in a very different direction and is on the verge of releasing what they call their Reference Series 4K UHD TVs, at prices that are much more top-shelf than those of their predecessors.

The two new Reference Series 4K televisions were first announced at CES 2014 but only now have they become a physical, consumer-ready reality. Furthermore, we can safely say that these models are in a class of their own among Vizio products and their specs go way beyond simply deliver awesome crystal clear 4K UHD resolution.

Once again, the two Reference Series models are by no means anything like Vizio’s budget TVs, either in price or some of their more powerful specs. The “cheaper” of the two televisions is a 65 inch model that’s going to retail for a whopping $6,000, basically the same price at which you can get one of LG’s absolute masterpiece OLED 4K TVs. As for the second of the two Reference Series models, it’s a colossal 120 inch TV that’s going on sale to a highly specialized audience for a ridiculously pricey $129,999.

Vizio's new 65 inch premium Reference Series 4K UHD TV

Vizio’s new 65 inch premium Reference Series 4K UHD TV

Now these two models do indeed seem insanely expensive, especially by the current much more affordable standards of 4K TV pricing (with the exception of OLED and Samsung’s or Sony’s absolute highest end 4K UHD TVs) but the 65 inch model does also offer some absolutely stunning specs and visual quality. According to a viewing done by a reporter from the website The Verge, the picture quality on the 65 inch model is absolutely spectacular and while the 65 inch Reference Series isn’t an OLED TV, it has been designed with a beautifully wide color gamut and level of Full Array LED backlighting with local dimming that comes amazingly close to simulating the effects of OLED technology, with a total of 384 individual dimming zones, a far superior amount to anything we’ve seen so far from Vizio or most other LED LCD 4K TV manufacturers.

Vizio has also managed to create a nearly perfect level of realism according to The Verge, and doesn’t bother with visual tricks and other gimmicks to deliver superb display quality. Instead, what you get is a remarkable level of realism, vibrancy, exquisite contrast and superb backlighting precision.

Furthermore, the new Vizio TVs offer Dolby Visons version of HDR and movies that also support this spec will deliver even more impressive levels of color accuracy and contrast, in a way that, according to The Verge, “blows away traditional TV viewing”.

The Reference Series TVs are both already available from the Vizio website and the 65 inch model is almost certainly going to be found in at least some brick and mortar retail locations. As for the 120 inch beast of a TV, it will need to be custom delivered and installed to whomever has the necessary $130,000 to blow on home entertainment.

Vizio is also planning on bringing some of the peak new technologies they’ve put into their premium Reference TVs into their more budget-friendly models down the road.

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