This is the Perfect $259 4K HDR TV Deal for PC & Console Gamers

by on July 19, 2019
Stephan Jukic – July 19, 2019

Taking aside some really, really extreme discounts, Amazon’s Prime Day deals were pretty good this year, especially for 4K HDR TVs and assorted electronics but they’re over. Nonetheless, some great offers still remain and the following is definitely one of them.

TCL’s 5-Series Roku TVs in the 43 inch range are going for a lower-than-ever price of $259.99 right now and while this almost the same as what many slightly larger Amazon Fire TVs in the 50 inch range cost, these compact editions of the 5-Series from TCL are definitely the much better display performers, making them absolutely worthwhile as studio, bedroom or gaming and PC monitor displays in particular. In fact, we ranked TCL’s 6-Series, the slightly pricier cousin of the 5-Series, as the best budget 4K TV of 2018. It still holds that rank in 2019 due to its sheer quality.

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So what does the 45-Series lineup offer that makes it so great at any size? Quite simply these TVs deliver some of the best gaming performance when connected to consoles that you’re ever likely to see in a TV this affordable. Their responsiveness is that awesome. Furthermore, when it comes to color delivery, they are also remarkably, impressively good, with sincerely exceptional wide color gamut and vibrancy across the board. This combines with their surprisingly deep, rich black levels and high contrast to deliver an HDR experience for any kind of content that you really wouldn’t expect in a 43 inch 4K TV selling for well below $300 bucks.

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Combine color performance, black levels and powerful responsiveness and what you get is a truly awesome overall package that’s truly perfect for 4K and HDR gaming through your PC or with the TV itself connected directly to an Xbox or PS4. These 43 inch beasts are the perfect budget gamer’s 4K HDR TVs and at $259.99, they’ll beat the hell out of almost any 4K PC monitor that costs twice as much.

So, whether you want a remarkably high quality budget compact 4K HDR TV at a great price or an ideal 4K gaming display for PC or console, the TCL 5-Series being offered in this deal are a distinctly valuable choice. We honestly recommend this deal, check it out:

TCL 43S517 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

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