This Huge 75 inch 2019 Samsung QLED TV Is on Sale and Absolutely Worth A Look

by on July 16, 2019
Stephan Jukic – July 16, 2019

As the last hours of Amazon Prime Day tick their way down to a close, you can still get your hands on some sincerely superb 4K UHD TV deals on televisions that offer some of the best picture specs in existence on today’s market. The following is one of the best last minute offers we’ve found and we suspect that it’s still going despite the late hour. What we can guarantee for both from professional reviewing experience is that the Samsung Q70 in this deal offers incredible picture performance almost across the board, with the Q70 QLED being an especially stunning 4K TV that’s easily among the best available for 2019 from any brand.

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If you finally want to upgrade your home theater experience, then this is one deal that will let you impress with a serious splash of quality. Let’s take a look because there are only 14 units left with this discount offer.

Just a quick note too, if you want to participate in Amazon Prime Day sale offers or Amazon Prime deals in general, it also includes free shipping. You will need to get yourself a Prime membership, which costs a few bucks a month but if you only need it for a few limited time deals, you can just grab a free 30 day trial and cancel it after ordering your TVs. All of the deals and free shipping will remain in effect.

This is an Amazon price matched deal (with Dell and others) for Prime Day on this huge 75 inch Samsung QLED Q70 2019 4K HDR TV editions. The QLED’s are Samsung’s flagship models, their absolute best and literally brightest 4K TVs and the Q70 is one of the top tier models of the bunch. As a result, it offers nearly perfect HDR color deliver, deep, rich black levels and shatteringly high peak display brightness for an HDR content viewing experience that only some of Sony, LG or Vizio’s 4K UHD TVs can quite match. It really is an absolutely stellar 4K TV in virtually every way and for both action movie and sports fans, and for gamers, the Q70 delivers incredibly responsive motion handling performance.

Samsung Q70 QLED 4K HDR TV

The Q70’s screen also uses advanced quantum dot technology for a level of wide color gamut delivery that nearly no other 4K TV can offer.

Imagine all of these above specs applied to your favorite 4K HDR movies or just about any other quality content, and then picture them across a giant 75 inch display. It would be an incredible home theater experience.

This is what makes the current discount price on the Q70 worth so much in terms of value. It’s selling at $2,197.99 and this includes completely free shipping thanks to that handy prime membership we mentioned above. Check this deal out if you want serious home theater quality:


Check out Samsung’s Huge 75 Inch Q70 QLED 4K HDR TV for sale on Prime Day at Amazon

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