This Deal On LG’s Best 2018 OLED 4K HDR TV Is Truly Unbeatable

by on May 9, 2019
Stephan Jukic – May 9, 2019

LG’s 4K HDR OLEDs are the televisions that consistently receive some of our absolute best review qualifications due to their excellent performance metrics and overall quality. Yes, there are consumers who simply don’t like OLED for different reasons but in terms of the most objective possible measurements of prolonged picture quality, their technology simply excels almost across the board.

With this in mind, some LG OLEDs offer better value than others and the C8 television from 2018 was one of the best we’ve reviewed to date (reviews for select 2019 OLED TVs pending in the next couple weeks). Not only does the C8 perform on display quality as well as any of LG’s other 2018 TVs regardless of higher prices for some of them, it also beat the performance of many 2019 televisions we’ve managed to review. Best of all, because it’s a 2018 TV, it comes with a very reasonable price tag by premium OLED TV standards.

The thing is that with LG’s OLEDs for any given year, all models deliver nearly identical display performance, with periphery features for audio and physical design being the key differentiators. Thus, despite its lower price tag compared to other LG models like the E8 or W8, the C8 was just as good as they were in how it renders color, contrast, motion handling and other important specs. This means that for the value it delivers, this TV’s normal price isn’t at all bad by OLED standards.

To make the above even better, right now, the C8’s moderately expensive price tag has been taken to a new, previously unseen low thanks to a this sale offering from Newegg. The 65 inch edition of the C8 has gotten a whopping $847 discount and is going for a price we’ve never seen before for the giant 65 inch model. Instead of selling for the $2796.99 you’d find it for on competitors like, the 65 inch LG C8 OLED on Newegg is available for no more than $1849. That is one truly impressive, extremely awesome deal.


What makes the C8 so awesome? Well, nearly everything about it. This 4K HDR TV comes with OLED display technology, meaning that it delivers absolutely perfect black levels and infinite contrast. Furthermore, instead of depending on the imprecise technology of local dimming, OLED TVs like the C8 use what we can call OLED dimming, by which each and every one of the 8.29 million pixels on their 4K displays can individually light up or dim as needed for content. No LCD TV even remotely competes with this kind of precision. On top of these unique display features, you get a level of superbly vibrant color delivery that’s perfect for HDR content and some extremely high display brightness that beats even what most LCD HDR TVs can output. On a final note, OLED TVs offer some of the best motion handling in existence today since their pixels themselves can shift colors with their own internal luminosity.

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In other words, the C8 OLED is a fantastic TV by any measure and the 65 inch edition with $847 hacked off its regular retail price is a fantastic deal.

Newegg is ending this special sale offer as of May 12th, so it’s definitely worth checking out soon. I you’re searching the market for a new ultra-premium 4K HDR TV that still delivers top-shelf performance while being reasonably priced then really, we cannot name a single better offering right now than this one.

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