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The Original Release Of The Matrix Gets A 4K UHD Blu-ray Release

by on March 14, 2018
Stephan Jukic – March 14, 2018

Whatever you may think of the movie itself, it’s basically without a doubt that The Matrix was an absolute masterpiece of highly innovative cinematography when it first emerged on theater screens in 1999. Its special effects garnered academy award victory and deservedly so, since they’ve influenced a whole generation of action movies made since The Matrix came out.

Now, this only slightly dated movie is going to get a further boost from a highly innovative technology of a totally different sort. The turn-of-the-century classic of a film is getting released once again as a 4K ultra HD Blue-ray edition, with high dynamic range mastering to boot.


If there’s any action movie made around the end of the last millennium that deserves something like this, it’s definitely this one.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has now announced that a 4K ultra HD HDR Blu-ray edition of The Matrix will be hitting store and online retail shelves by the 22nd of May. The 4K remastering was not only done with great care, it was also supervised actively by one of the very people who’d helped create the visual spectacle behind The Matrix. This would be Bill Pope, the original director of Photography for the film. The audio of The Matrix has also bee remixed to support Dolby Atmos audio, for owners of 4K HDR TVs that happen to support this sound format as well.

Matrix 4K blue-ray

One very important detail we should note about the remastering of this film into 4K is that it was done off the original 35mm film rolls that the movie was recorded onto for the most part. This is fortunate since there is a certain specific time frame in which many movies were instead recorded with 1080p digital recording cameras instead of film and digital 1080p video upscales far more weakly than 35mm celluloid, which is in fact capable of upscaling enormously in digitized format if mastered correctly.

In other words, The Matrix re-release will be a true blue native 4K creation, not just one of upscaled 1080p digital resulting in a decent-but-not-great 2K master that’s labelled as “4K”.

Get your own copy when it becomes available via Amazon or elsewhere and if you’d like a little dose of nostalgia, here’s the classic trailer for the original movie release.

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