Preview: The New 4K HDR P-Series TV From TCL Is Almost Too Good To Be True

by on July 5, 2017

Stephan Jukic – July 5, 2017

When it comes to budget 4K UHD TVs, we’ve rarely come across something quite as wonderfully combined and even downright exciting as the new TCL P-Series lineup of 4K HDR TVs. They offer so much for such a great price that it’s really tempting to think there’s a serious catch hidden somewhere around them. Honestly though, as far as we can tell, there really isn’t.

These brand new Roku smart OS-powered 4K HDR TVs no only offer superb picture quality, extremely comprehensive high dynamic range specs coverage and just incredible performance in all the specs that count, they’re also amazingly cheap for what they deliver. The 55 inch model will cost you only $650 and that is genuinely amazing considering what the P-Series comes packed with.

Vizio, with its own fantastic and reasonably priced P-Series and M-series 4K HDR TVs, is probably the closest single competitor to TCL’s new P-Series 4K HDR televisions. However, even Vizio doesn’t quite match what the TCL P-Series model offers in either price or even performance quality. Like its Vizio counterpart, the new TCL P-Series television also offers full HDR standards coverage for its display, including BOTH HDR10 and the far superior Dolby Vision HDR format. The P-Series 4K TVs of both brands also include multi-zone local dimming for even more enhanced contrast ratios and black performance. The new TCL model however delivers all of these same specs and others at least a little bit better than Vizio does so far while sporting an even better smart TV interface, and with the 55 inch model costing only $650, it’s nearly $400 cheaper than  Vizio’s P-series.

Pre-Review: The New 4K HDR P-Series TV From TCL Is Almost Too Good To Be True

We almost can’t say it enough. The Roku P-Series is just that good. The version we’re in the process of reviewing right now delivers some of the best LCD 4K HDR TV contrast ratios we’ve ever seen even if ultra-premium LCD HDR TVs are taken into consideration and the levels of brightness that this model’s display can reach are downright excellent, topping off at nearly 700 nits and leaving any mid-range 4K HDR TV from Samsung, Sony or even Vizio’s own P-Series well behind on this spec. These contrast and brightness performance specs in the P-Series are backed up by an LED backlighting package that’s very impressive for such a cheap 4K TV. The 55 inch P-Series model offers a total of 72 different local dimming zones handled by a full-array backlight LED setup. This is rare even in much pricier 4K HDR TVs from any major brand. To see it in a 4K TV that costs less than $700 is truly impressive.

Again, this is an HDR TV line with Dolby Vision and that means fantastic color delivery, superb dynamic contrast control in the display and extremely vibrant playback of any 4K HDR media source you can get your hands on with Dolby Vision mastering, so you can really get a chance to appreciate how well this 4K TV delivers wide color and vibrancy in the best kind of home entertainment content. Then there is the Roku smart TV platform. This is essentially the exact same OS that you’ll find in any of Roku’s smart TV set-top boxes and it’s an absolute winner in out books, offering both extreme ease-of-use and access to one hell of a selection of entertainment apps of all kinds which can all be navigated either by the included Roku smart remote or via one’s Roku smart app on any tablet or smartphone.


We should also note that the P-Series is probably one of the best console gaming TVs we’ve ever laid eyes on, with fantastic playability with console games of all types in full HDR, SDR and in different resolutions like 2160p, 1080p or anything in between.

None of the above is to say that the P-Series is without its flaws but those flaws are truly very minor, few and focused mostly on non-essential metrics of TV performance quality. Outside of them, the TCL 4K HDR P-Series 4K TV, in both its 55 inch and 65 inch variants is absolutely the single best 4K TV at this level of price that we’ve ever seen so far. In basic terms, the amount of premium quality you get per dollar spent is higher with this model than it is for any other 4K TV we’ve reviewed to date. Yes, there are also other new and highly budget-oriented competing 4K TV models available as of this year. One notable example are Amazon’s own new Element/Westinghouse brand 4K models with their Amazon Fire smart TV platform. But if you in any way value premium features at a budget price, the TCL P-series leaves the Amazon Fire TVs or any low-priced Samsung LCD TV in the dust. It costs the same as these rivals do but delivers so much, much more, as we explained above.


Amazon is currently selling the 55 inch version of this model for their respective and extremely low prices. We’ll be posting a highly detailed review of the TCL P-Series very shortly but right now, based on this preliminary overview, we can’t recommend this particular TCL model enough. It’s that simple.

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