Sony’s X900F Premium 4K HDR TVs Are Now Cheaper Than Ever With These Discounts

by on November 19, 2018
Stephan Jukic – November 19, 2018

The Sony X900F is already getting its own pre-Black Friday price drops to a new low price that leaves buyers with a couple hundred dollars in savings for what is one of Sony’s best and most valuable 4K TVs of 2018.

The X900F, which we reviewed earlier in the year, is easily one of the best models we’ve seen this year in terms of our fine-tuned value per dollar spent calculation of 4K TV quality and we consider this TV to fit our criteria for a good reason: it is extremely well made while costing surprisingly little by the standards of ultra-premium 4K televisions with all the premium technology you could want. In other words, the X900F offers a whole host of features that normally exist in much pricier TVs at a cost that’s much more budget friendly.

Now, thanks to recent pre-Black Friday discounts, the value per dollar spent of the X900F is better than ever. This model has become at least a couple hundred dollars cheaper (the 55 inch version, with larger editions offering even larger savings) while still being just as good as it ever was.

So what does the X900F offer that makes it so great? Well, Sony gave this model everything we’ve seen in today’s best flagship TVs. These features include brilliantly vibrant high dynamic range color rendering, extremely high display brightness, superbly good contrast ratios and some excellent local dimming technology thanks to this television’s backlight design (a rare feature in 4K TVs this affordably priced).

Sony X900F HDR 4K LCD TV

In effect, what all of these premium features mean is that the X900F will render high dynamic range movies from all your favorite streaming sources or 4K Blu-ray discs beautifully while also offering up spectacular delivery of almost any sort of ordinary TV content. The X900F’s resolution and dynamic range upscaling technologies are designed to improve even non-4K and non-HDR video sources dramatically.

On an added note, the X900F is a very solid gamer’s 4K HDR television. It supports virtually all existing resolution/color support/HDR combos for the newest HDR consoles games in existence and it delivers really low input lag for fast-paced high frame rate gameplay when connected either to something like the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, or to a gaming PC.

We also love the native Android TV smart platform of the X900F, it comes with full access to Google Play, letting you download from a selection of hundreds of thousands of possible media or other apps.

So, with all these features piled into the Sony X900F, even its ordinary retail price for either the 49, 55, 65 or 75 inch models meant a remarkably good deal. Now, with Amazon’s discounts on this television, you’re getting one of the best home theater deals we’ve seen so far in 2018.

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Here are the discount offers:

49″ Sony XBR49X900F for $898.00
55″ Sony XBR49X900F for $1,098.00
65″ Sony XBR49X900F for $1,598.00
75″ Sony XBR49X900F for $2,798.00

Sony’s X900F Premium 4K HDR TVs Are Now Cheaper Than Ever With These Discounts

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