Samsung’s Two new 2019 HDR & 4K Gaming Monitors Are Simply Incredible Display Machines

by on February 7, 2019
Stephan Jukic – February 07, 2019

Of all the non-TV products Samsung is releasing throughout 2019, possibly two of the most impressive are two of the company’s PC monitors, both of which deliver their own specific and very stunning specs and both of which have all the trimmings and specs to be absolute marvels for PC gamers, whether they do ordinary, HDR, 4K or 4K HDR gaming on their PC rigs.

Starting things off, we have the latest QHD version of Samsung’s curved gaming monitor from previous years. In 2019 it’s called the CRG9 and damn does it pack a visual punch with its absurdly immersive aspect ratio, its colossal 49 inch display size and one fantastically impressive physical design. This new upcoming PC display goes even beyond native 4K UHD resolution in delivering a total screen layout of 5120 x 1440 pixels in a crazy 32:9 aspect ratio. The sum total of this whole vast, curved rectangular screen is the equivalent of sticking two 2560×1440 QHD monitors side by side and removing the middle bezel.

Samsung isn’t the only major PC monitor maker to offer this kind of crazy screen design for deep immersion in 2019. We recently profiled an LG display that offers the same dimensions, aspect ratio and native resolution, and both Dell and Phillips have unveiled the same thing. But what Samsung’s model also offers above most alternatives (especially LG’s edition) is a whole supporting package of truly ultra-premium gaming technology which includes a native 120Hz refresh rate, a superb 4ms response time, AMD FreeSync 2 support for AMD GPUs of all types and full HDR10 support. We should also note that the CRG9 is certified as an HDR1000 monitor according to Samsung. This means it will output a peak brightness of equal to or slightly above 1000 nits. For a PC HDR monitor that’s fantastically bright.


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In addition to the above display specs and that wonderfully high peak brightness, the CRG9 comes with quantum dot technology that should make its HDR DCI-P3 color output nothing less than superb. There;s even local dimming in this beast of a gaming display and quite frankly with a screen this large, it’s a great extra technology to have during high contrast gameplay through dark caverns, torch-lit castles and starry nights.

Connectivity in the CRG9 is also pretty decent with HDMI 2.0a, dual DisplayPort slots and a USB jack for multiple ports.

In other words, with its vast screen real estate and its finely honed ultra-performance gaming specs, the CRG9 is nearly the perfect HDR UHD PC gamer’s performance machine.

If the above isn’t quite the right thing for some tastes, Samsung is also releasing yet another 4K UHD HDR10 monitor with a more buttoned-down conservative appeal that’s quite removed from gaming specs. This model is called the UR59C and though its profile is more conservative by quite a bit, it too delivers tons of visual punch for office and visual professional users. The UR59C offers up a giant curved 32 inch display, native 4K ultra HD resolution at a more normal 3840 x 2160 pixels and delivers a very robust 2,500:1 contrast ratio. This model isn’t quite a gaming monitor though, since as far as we know at this point, it lacks any sort of frame rate synch technology and doesn’t offer the killer (for any UHD monitor) 120Hz native refresh of the CG9 above. It’s in other words more of a professional content creation display that can however deliver lots of color accuracy through its own support for HDR and wide color gamut.

Samsung UR59C 4k monitor 2

Of the two monitors only the UR59C has a firm release date and one fairly reasonable price already listed. It’s going on sale as of February 23 for an MSRP of $499.99. You can see the Amazon pre-order deal link to its below if you’re interested.

As for the insanely, awesomely gamer-friendly CRG9, Samsung hasn’t announced anything yet. Its price is also a mystery for now but we should note that the weaker (it only managed 600 nits of brightness) 2018 predecessor to the CRG9, the C49HG90. Retailed for around $1499. The decidedly better 2019 CRG9 will probably retail for at least this much. Did you really think it would be cheap with all those specs?

Samsung UR59C 4k monitor

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