Samsung’s Impressive Q7FN QLED 4K TV Just Got A Major Pre-Black Friday Discount

by on November 19, 2018
Stephan Jukic – November 19, 2018

The Samsung Q7FN is one of the Samsung brand’s four 2018 QLED ultra-premium 4K HDR LCD TV models and having reviewed it in depth for ourselves, we can absolutely say that it’s one of the outstanding 4K televisions of 2018 no matter what rival TVs you compare it to. Furthermore, this particular model was one of the more affordable of the QLED TVs for this year, which means that it offered all the premium technology of these QLED TVs at a much more reasonable price than Samsung’s best model, the Q9FN is selling for.

Now, just before Black Friday, Amazon is offering the Q7FN in its 55 inch, 65 inch and 75 inch versions for a very decent discount of several hundred dollars off their previous retail price. We think it’s possible that this model will sell for even lower prices right on the big sales day itself but then again, it might not, and by then stocks might run out temporarily. Either way, if you’ve wanted a premium name-brand 4K HDR TV with all the trimmings for this year and were waiting for their prices to drop, here’s a great opportunity, and the Q7FN easily fits the bill as a high quality performer.

For starters, this model is fully HDR-capable and offers some of the best color deliver you’ll see from any 2018 4K TV of any kind. It’s simply a spectacularly vibrant performer at delivering high color accuracy and vibrantly brining any scene from a movie or TV show to life, especially if you’re using the Q7 to view your favorite movies from Netflix, Amazon or other sources like 4K Blu-ray in high dynamic range. This same capability applies to normal TV and broadcast entertainment too. The Q7FN’s picture settings and built-in display quality let this model show off even ordinary non-4K, non-HDR TV content better than you’re likely to have ever before seen it if you haven’t yet seen a premium 4K HDR TV at work yet.

Other awesome features and qualities of the Q7FN include the spectacular brightness capability of its display and this model’s really strong black delivery, with deep, rich contrast ratios being a part of this combo. These two features are important because they’re crucial elements of how beautifully any 4K TV shows visuals on its screen.

On a final note, the Q7FN is simply excellent for gamers too. All of Samsung’s 4K TVs that we’vew reviewed so far really know how to handle connectivity from external gaming consoles like the PlayStation 4 Pro or the Xbox models, but only ultra-premium televisions like the Q7FN combine low input lag and extremely flexible gaming connectivity with the kinds of display specs that the Q7 models will infuse any game on its screen with.

So, with all that said, we seriously recommend the following deals, they offer excellent value for each dollar you spend and they apply to what is sincerely one hell of a high-performance 4K HDR TV.

Also, be sure to check out our comprehensive review of the Q7FN, right here.


Check the Samsung Q7FN QLED 4K HDR LCD TV (2018 Model) on Amazon

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55″ Samsung QN55Q7FN for $1297.99
65″ Samsung QN55Q7FN for $1997.99
75″ Samsung QN55Q7FN for $2,797.99
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