One Of Samsung’s Best 2019 Affordable 65 Inch 4K HDR TVs Gets A Huge Discount

by on July 6, 2019
Stephan Jukic – July 6, 2019

What started as a fourth of July holiday discount offer is still going from Amazon and as a result, one of Samsung’s genuinely good budget 4K HDR TVs of 2019 is still on sale for a major $202 discount from its previous price.

The television in question is the RU7100 and instead of selling for its regular retail price of $900, this brand spanking new 2019 4K LCD TV model is now on sale for $697.99. This by the way is the price tag for the gigantic 65 inch edition, so for that discounted price, you’ll be getting your hands on more than enough display space to really appreciate this particular TV’s display performance.

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So what exactly does the RU7100 have to offer for such a low price? Well, this is one of Samsung’s successors to the mid-range 4K TVs of previous years and while it doesn’t quite match what the company’s QLED ultra-premium editions can deliver, the RU7100 offers some spectacularly great color performance for both ordinary and HDR movies, TV shows and any other content. In addition to this, this 4K TV is amazingly good at motion handling and your favorite action movies or sportscasts are all guaranteed to flow smoothly across the screen.

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More exceptionally still, the RU7100 is a superbly good 4K HDR TV for console and PC gamers. As we’ve mentioned across many reviews of previous Samsung 4K HDR TVs in the mid-range and budget lineups, these models tend to perform oddly but notably better than their premium counterparts at delivering absolutely minimal input lag when used for gaming via consoles like the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X. This performance quality applies even if games are played on these TVs in HDR, 4K resolution or at high frame rates. The RU7100 is no exception to this tendency and we definitely consider it to be one of the sincerely good 4K gaming TVs of this year for buyers who want one at a reasonably good price.

Samsung’s Tizen smart TV platform is also included in the RU7100 and it delivers all of the essential smart TV apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO and others that you could want for watching a whole ton of movies and other content in both 4K with HDR or in lower resolutions. The smart interface of this TV is also extremely user-friendly. If you’re more comfortable with voice control of your 4K TV, the RU7100 is of course also perfectly compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Once again, this deal offers you a very robust 4K HDR TV with stunningly good black levels, color and motion performance in the huge 65 inch range for less than $700. This is an honestly good deal for such a new 4K TV.

Here’s Amazon’s sale offer on the Samsung RU7100.

Samsung RU7100 4K HDR TV

Check the Samsung RU7100 Series 4K HDR LCD Smart TV (2019 Model) on Amazon

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