Lifesize Brings 4K UHD To Video Conferencing Cameras

by on April 7, 2019
Stephan Jukic – April 7, 2019

The video conferencing and video technology company Lifesize has added a possibly powerful new line of products to the video conferencing industry. And in this marketplace of technology which doesn’t always deliver quite the quality its users were hoping for Lifesize’s new 4K conference cameras have a lot to deliver on.

Lifesize already has a fairly strong reputation as a provider of reliable cloud-based video conference services to companies all over the world and has even been recognized as the “Frost and Sullivan Cloud Video Conferencing vendor of the year” according to their own PR. So if anyone should be able to create effective 4K conference camera technology, it’s a company like this.

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Their latest products aim to do just this. Called the Icon 500 and Icon 300, they are the latest in the Lifesize brand’s roster of ultra HD video recording devices and their aim is to create a sort of next-generation solution to high quality conference video that serves corporate collaborative needs with truly effective, deeply immersive conferencing video. The two camera types are aimed most of all at corporate and professional settings but are designed to be flexible enough for use in almost any setting, from a small huddle room right up to a giant public corporate conference.

Lifesize’s biggest emphasis with these 4K cameras and related products is however on the huddle room market, in which research by third parties like Frost and Sullivan has shown that of 32 million known huddle rooms worldwide, only about 2% are video enabled. With developments in the general digital video recording and transmission market going in the direction of 4K resolution, the logic stands that those 98% of rooms without video conferencing installations should just leapfrog right into the best possible format they can reasonably manage, which would be 4K ultra HD resolution.

This is where the Icon 500 and the Icon 300 step into the picture. Both camera types offer companies “cost-effective” means for accessing high quality video even with smaller spaces and tighter budgets being a consideration. Both cameras thus offer up intuitive interface technology and native 4K video for huddle rooms of any size. Each camera pulls this off in its own way:

First, there’s the Icon 500, which is designed mainly for delivery of 4K video to mid-eized meeting spaces and offers support for 5x zoom, dual display and splitting of its 4K resolution for each of those displays so that both still receive better than HD video quality.

The Lifesize 300 4K video conferencing camera

The Lifesize 300 4K video conferencing camera

Then there’s the Icon 300, which is the more huddle room-oriented of the two cameras and thus offers video performance better suited to mini meeting areas in general, with advanced connectivity specs, an ultra-wide field of view and native 4K resolution for content sharing and face time.

More crucially, along with these cameras themselves, Lifesize also offers cloud sharing services for the actual streaming and content sharing aspect of their operation. These services include a promise of “seamless assistance” along with continuous product upgrades and customer support from the company’s IT staff.

Both cameras were on display at the Enterprise Connect 2019 event in Florida during March and the Icon 300 is already being sold along with a cloud support services offering for an item price of $2,999. The Icon 500 will be getting a price pegged to it when it becomes available in Summer of 2019.

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