Do You Want A 4K Home Theater Projector For Just Over $1000 For This Black Friday?

by on November 22, 2018
Stephan Jukic – November 22, 2018

There are many awesome 4K HDR TV deals leading up to and on this year’s Black Friday, and there will probably be quite a few more for Cyber Monday but what if you’re interested in something with even more display splash? Well, the same trend in low prices has got you covered with this deal for a 4K ultra HD HDR home theater projector from BenQ.

Normally, 4K projectors -and even upscaled 4K UHD projectors for home entertainment- cost several thousand dollars. Some models from leading brands like Sony can cost over $10,000 and upscaled 4K models from companies like Optoma can easy run to prices in the $3,000 – $5000 range. This however is what makes this deal for the BenQ TK800 so awesome. It’s retailing right now for only $1,099 and comes with all the same essential technologies as its much pricier competitors.

In other words, this is one good and very unique deal we’re seeing here, and it’s worth taking a look at if you want a wholly new home theater experience for the 2018 Year-end Holidays.

The TK800 offers all the essentials: 4K resolution (pixel-shifted 4K which means that it does really deliver 8.3 million pixels of visual sharpness for an image being shown), high dynamic range support, zoom power and some very impressive display brightness for high contrast ratios.

Furthermore, this is a projector, so what you get for watching all your favorite streaming media content and 4K Blu-rays, is a huge display surface that’s more like a miniature theater screen than what even the largest typical 4K TV can offer. The TK800 offers more than even a giant 85 inch TV can in terms of display surface.

This model is incredibly cheap right now for all the quality it offers. Even by the standards of lower-priced 4K home theater projector models it’s being offered at one hell of a low price.

Here are some further features of the BenQ TK800 4K HDR home theater projector and feel free to check out the deal link below.

  • 4K UHD Resolution: True 8.3 million pixels deliver awe-inspiring 4K UHD image quality with incredible clarity and crisply defined details
  • Vivid colors in any Ambient lighting: perfectly balanced high visual brightness (> 3000lm) and vivid colors (> 92% Rec.709) for well-lit environments
  • Hyper-realistic HDR10 quality: BenQ projector-optimized HDR features natural Auto HDR color and tone rendering for greater brightness and contrast
  • Compact 4K HDR Projector: sleek design with light, compact profile makes installation quick and easy with vertical Keystone and 1.2x zoom
  • IMMERSIVE SPORTS EXPERIENCE: Dedicated Football & Sport modes with Cinema Master Audio+2 feels like you’re in the stadium joining in the action.

Benq 4k hdr home theater projector tk800 1

Check the BenQ 4K HDR Home Theater Projector (2018 Model) on Amazon

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