DirecTV’s Live MLB & Premiere League 4K Sportscasts Times & Dates For April

by on April 14, 2019
Stephan Jukic – April 13, 2019

If you’re a subscriber of the huge and growing DirecTV ultra HD satellite broadcast service (with lots of non-4K content packed into it as well) then you probably know about their live ultra HD sportscasts too. These are numerous and varied, with Major League Baseball, the NBA and the Premiere League all being represented along with other major sports events from time to time.

Well for the majority of the above, 2019 is going to be an extremely busy year and the action is coming, spread across dozens of dates, in full native ultra HD resolution to subscribers with their own 4K HDR TVs at home. For the second half of April alone, several matchups are scheduled for NBA, MLB and English Premiere League soccer matches in the wake of the Master’s Tournament that was aired live this Sunday April 14th.

All of the following DirecTV live 4K UHD sportscast programming can  be viewed by customers of DirecTV with a 4K subscription complement on channels 104 to 106. Sportscasts are mostly going to be going live on channels 105 and 106 Live4k.

directv-genie 4k

Obviously, you need to have a 4K UHD TV (preferably a DirecTV-Certified model, according to the company but most name brand 4K TVs are DirecTV Certified, as the lists on this link show) and one of the company’s Genie DVRs, which comes as part of your subscription package. Specifically, you need a Genie HD DVR (Model HR54) and SELECT TV Package or above for the 4K options that the service offers.

Directv 4K Sports live

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Without further delay, here’s the full breakdown of remaining April MLB and Premiere League events:

Major League Baseball

4/20       4:00 PM                San Francisco Giants @ Pittsburgh Pirates             4K HDR Ch. 106

4/27       4:00 PM                Cleveland Indians @ Houston Astros       4K HDR Ch. 106

English Premier League

4/14       11:15 AM             Liverpool v. Chelsea        4K           TBD

4/20       7:15 AM               Manchester City v. Tottenham  4K           Ch. 106

4/24       2:45 PM                Manchester United v. Manchester City 4K           Ch. 106

4/28       11:15 AM             Manchester United v. Chelsea   4K           Ch. 106

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