Black Friday 2018: Impressive Premium Samsung 2018 4K HDR TV On Sale For $747.99

by on November 23, 2018
Stephan Jukic – November 23, 2018

Samsung’s NU8000 has been one of the outstanding 4K televisions of 2018 due to a combination of fantastic display specs, excellent premium features and one already great price before it went on sale today for Black Friday 2018. Now though, with the special discount being attached to it by Amazon the NU8000 becomes and even more impressive purchase due to the sheer value it offers for money spent.

We reviewed this particular 4K TV earlier in the year and our overall conclusion after a detailed look at its display performance and other key specs is that the NU8000 is easily one of the best mid-range premium TVs (as opposed to ultra-premium TVs) available today. Most impressive of all are its incredible display brightness and the sheer quality of the color rendering this model can deliver. The NU8000 also happens to be a spectacularly good HDR TV with full support for HDR10 standards for high brightness, strong contrast, deep black levels and vivid wide color gamut coverage. On a final high quality note, this is one fantastic television for HDR/4K gamers who want to hook up their Xbox or PS4 Pro consoles or just connect the NU8000 right to a PC so that it forks as a giant computer display. For all major, heavy duty gaming with any of these devices or others (like the Nvidia Shield, now also on sale for black friday), the NU8000 is extremely versatile and offers up superb input lag metrics.

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In essence, we repeat, this is one wonderfully balanced out 4K TV and a seriously good performer almost across the board. Given this, its current Black Friday price on is a genuinely strong deal. The 55 inch model is selling right now for just $747.00, with a small but decent 17% discount. However, the real steal is the 65 inch version, which has gotten 23% of its previous retail price hacked away and is now going for $997.99. This is $300 less than what it used to go for. Samsung is also offering up the giant 75 inch edition for an even better 27% off, which amounts toa sale price of $1,597.99 and a hefty discount of 27%. This is fantastic for 75 inch TV with the premium performance of the NU8000. Even the monstrous 82 inch NU8000 edition has gotten a 17% cut to its price for a $500 Black Friday savings.

We cannot recommend this special Black Friday deal enough, seriously. If anything we consider it to be one of the best Samsung 4K TV deals we’ve seen so far this week (except maybe for Amazon’s QLED Q6F sale price, which is an even better value).

Without further ado, here are the special discount offers for the NU8000 full HDR 4K UHD TV:

55″ Samsung UN55NU8000 4K HDR TV: $747.99, 17% Off
65″ Samsung UN55NU8000 4K HDR TV: $997.99, 23% Off
75″ Samsung UN55NU8000 4K HDR TV: $1,597.99, 27% Off
82″ Samsung UN55NU8000 4K HDR TV: $2,497.99, 17% Off
 Samsung UN55NU8000 4K HDR TV
Check the Samsung NU8000 4K HDR TV (2018 Model) for on Amazon for up to 27% off

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