Amazon Accidentally Let Thousands Buy $13,000+ 4K Camera Gear For $95 dollars

by on July 18, 2019
Stephan Jukic – July 18, 2019

Amazon Prime Day offered numerous excellent discounts on thousands of products for many happy customers, but we doubt any of them were as happy as the customers who benefited from this huge screwup by the online retail giant:

Thanks to a huge pricing error that was applied to hundreds of camera and camera equipment listings across the Amazon website, a still unknown number of people was able to successfully buy assorted premium and pro cameras and gear for the specific universal price of $94.50, no matter how much they normally cost, even if the usual price was in the thousands of dollars. Talk about a fantastic deal.

The whole happy accident started when one buyer noticed a brand new, fully warrantied $550 Sony a6000 with 16-50mm lens bundle selling for a deal price of $94.50 on the Amazon site, despite the normal price of this camera being $550. This individual then shared said deal on the Slickdeals site where it obviously hit the front page in no time.



That was far from the end of it though. In no time, numerous other deal hunters were able to snag that particular camera for the exact same price and shortly afterwards, others started noticing all sorts of other photographic gear for the exact same discount price, despite normal prices that ranged from a few hundred to over $10,000 dollars. As one Slickdeals member memorably said, “Literally everything is $94.50! I have bought like 10k worth of stuff that was like $900 dollars total”.

Another amazon buyer on Slickdeals posted that they managed to buy a $13,000 Canon EF 800MM F/5.6L IS lens for the same $94.50 and finished off overjoyed with “LOL waiting for the cancellation but that’s like 99.3% off”

And that’s just the thing about so many of these deals! They did indeed ship. Very few of them were cancelled. Some understandably incredulous members of the Slickdeals site called Amazon to confirm that their orders were really real and were told that they had indeed shipped. Others even reported successfully price matching gear at the same ridiculously low prices on other major retail sites like Walmart and Best Buy.


Fuji Rumors reported that photographer Cody McGee pulled off the purchase of a Fujifilm X100F mirrorless camera for $94.48 that normally retails for $1299 and he too managed to confirm that his model had shipped right on schedule. The same goes for another Slickdeals member that confirmed buying a $2000 Canon EOS R for $94.48 and getting confirmation that it was heading his way soon after.

fujifilmx100f 4k camera

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Then there was the case of one photographer who ordered two a6000 kits for the crazy $94.48 prices and followed this up with orders for a $2000 Sony a6500 with 10-18mm bundle and a $2000 Sony a7III body and on top of these a Sony a9 with 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens bundle all for the exact. Same. Price.


Check out the Sony a6500 mirrorless digital camera on sale at Amazon

4.7 – 4 Reviews
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All of them arrived to his house just like any other online buy would and we should note that none of these massive discounts were being offered from photo electronics sold by third party sellers on Amazon; they all got sold by the retail giant itself

Incredible stuff but not everyone was quite so lucky. Aside from the thousands of people hearing this story and crying a bit inside at the completely awesome missed blind luck opportunity, things are even sadder for a small number of people who saw their friends posting the crazy Slickdeals/Amazon offering and for some reason being unable to see them when they opened the same sale links (it’s hard to say why, because others could see them at the same time). Or others who did even manage to place their orders at the incredible discount price of $94.48 only to have the deals cancelled or their ordering process closed down mid-way through as Amazon finally picked up the ball and started to react.

For those who did actually buy their cameras and lenses and got them shipped before anyone at the retail giant caught up, it seems that there won’t be any special extra post-buy charges coming their way. Amazon has a long history of honoring accidental price discounts even when they go ridiculously over the top and in any case, the free publicity (and sales by people scouring the site and buying something anyhow despite not finding anymore extra special deals) this all caused was very likely big enough to make up for the moderate losses in all those sales that did go through. If we wanted to hit full-on conspiracy theory mode, we could even suspect that that this accident wasn’t really an accident but a deliberate little ploy aimed at promoting Prime Day in the most enticing possible way.

While we don’t know how many people in total managed to benefit from this crazy ultra-Prime Day discount frenzy, according to reporting by the site Peta pixel, the Slickdeals thread where the original posts about the Sony cameras went up managed to garner 250,000+ views and over 1,300 comments before most of these deals were marked as expired or closed down early.

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