4K Not Enough? Here’s a Giant 75 Inch 8K HDR TV at $2000 Off on Prime Day

by on July 16, 2019
Stephan Jukic – July 16, 2019

Now while this isn’t exactly a Prime Day-specific deal, it’s still an awesome offer for a brand new 8K HDR TV that costs a lot less than it did fairly recently. So, if you want what amounts to nearly the best in ultra HD ultra-premium home theater technology, this is the sale offer for you.

The Samsung Q900 8K UHD HDR TV in the giant 75 inch range is selling right now on the Amazon site for $2000 off its previous retail price. This means that you can get your own edition for a much more reasonable price of $4,997.99. Yes, this is still expensive by most home theater budgets but this is a name brand flagship TV with some really unique display features and other cutting edge technologies, so it certainly won’t be cheap even at a lowered price.

That said, the Q900 absolutely delivers punch for every dollar that you’re going to spend on it. This is one of Samsung’s best ever ultra HD TVs and definitely one of the best we’ve reviewed for 2018 or 2019 (this is a 2019 UHD TV). With its large price tag you get a huge display surface, incredibly, brilliantly sharp resolution that’s also amazingly and surprisingly good at cleanly upscaling non-UHD movies and show to look like they have sharper resolution on the Q900’s tens of millions of pixels of screen space. Furthermore, the Q900 delivers the absolute best in HDR color delivery and connectivity technology, offering specs for connection to PCs or gaming consoles that few other TVs deliver at this point. Its motion handling for all types of content is also nothing short of spectacularly crisp.

In basic terms, the Q900 is a dream of a TV that will absolutely impress friends, family and neighbors who pop by for a visit. It will also look stunningly good in nearly any living room.

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While it should be noted that at this point in time, native consumer 8K content is basically non-existent on the consumer market, the Q900 is so good at making 4K and 4K HDR content look even better than it normally does on a 4K TV, that you won’t mind the lack of 8K movies. Most surprisingly of all, Samsung’s impressively powerful upscaling processor makes the Q900 deliver rescaling of 1080p, 720p and even 480p TV content with an incredibly clear result. As we said, we reviewed this TV earlier in 2019 and this upscaling capacity for a TV with so many damn pixels was one of the things that really impressed us.

Another impressive and rather unique cutting-edge feature of the Q900 is that it lets you watch content at wide off-center angles without losing out on picture quality, contrast and color vibrancy. This is something most LCD TVs with VA display panels don’t allow but Samsung pulled it off in the Q900.

So there you have it: the Samsung Q900 8K HDR TV may be expensive even after its massive discount pricing but it absolutely delivers the awesome stuff that makes it seem to be worth every penny you buy it for.

Check out Amazon’s deal here, it’s worth a good hard look just for the impressive rundown of specs and feature descriptions that the Q900 offers.



Check out Samsung’s Q900 8K HDR UHD TV for sale on Prime Day at Amazon

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