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Whether you're a brand, collector, creator, or marketplace, 4K Protocol enables anyone to mint any physical asset as a physically-backed NFT.

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Mint Page Hero

How it Works

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New Minting Request

Minting Request

Create a minting request for your asset(s) that you’d like to turn into an NFTs.

Ship to Guardian

Ship to Guardian

If your mint request is approved, ship your asset(s) to the chosen Guardian storage facility.

Guardian Services

Guardian Services

Once received, Guardians can provide services such as photography, authentication and/or appraisals. If verified, the asset(s) will be vaulted.


Get Your NFT

You'll receive your NFT in your wallet. From here you can do anything with it––sell, trade, or hold. Redeem the NFT for the physical asset at anytime.

Bringing your physical assets on-chain

Calculate Your Minting Fees

Note: Calculator gives an estimate only for the 4K Alpha Vault Guardian assuming a standard small to medium item like a watch. Other Guardian rates may vary.

Select Services
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Calculate your Fees
  • Minting Fees$20
  • Service Fees$0
  • Total One Time Fees$20
On-Chain Fees
  • Insurance Fees$10
  • Vaulting Fees$7
  • Total Recurring Fees$17/yearly
Total Fee
Redemption fee: $20/item*Due at minting
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Quick Guide and FAQ

Vaulting Fees

What are vaulting fees?

Vaulting fees cover costs associated with storing your item(s) in a secure Guardian facility. These fees can vary based on the Guardian, asset class, dimensions, weight, security, and special requirements of the item.

Inside a 4K NFT

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    Hero Imagery

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    Title of NFT

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    Collection Name

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    List Price

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    Remaining Storage Balance

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    View on Marketplaces

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    Guardian Fees and details Imagery

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    Calculation Day/Month/Year

NFT details, such as image, title, collection and price.
NFT token details and fees

4K Alpha Vault

The 4K Alpha Vault is the first Guardian in the 4K network. It is a state-of-the-art secured facility with $10million+ in physical assets located in Delaware, USA.

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All assets stored are full insured by Lloyd’s of London.
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State-of-the-art scientific lab for authenticating certain assets
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Professional, microscopic and 360 video/photos capabilities.
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State-of-the-art high security facility with 24/7 UL AA-rated security.
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Climate controlled, motion sensors, NFPA 13 fire and smoke, emergency generators, and rigorous environmental monitoring.

Mint Your Collection

Have a set of Pokemon cards? A limited run Superman series in mint condition? Owners of 4K collections can set royalty fees for their collections up to 10%.

Mint Your Collection