Insurance Policy

We've got you covered.

We are partnered with several of the world’s top insurance providers, including Chubb and Lloyd’s. All items are fully insured once they reach the loading dock of our secure storage facility and remain insured until they leave our loading dock upon redemption.

Our entire inventory and vaulting process is fully auditable. We capture photographs and videos of all items upon intake to verify their condition and we have 24/7 surveillance for our entire facility. We also conduct full inventory audits at regularly scheduled intervals.  

Products insured in shipment

We work with a top tier third-party logistics coordinator to issue fully-insured shipping labels, up to $100,000 per item while in transit. Each package will be shipped overnight to adhere to UPS and Fedex standard shipment requirements.

Custom quotes for freight or large packages that require special handling are available upon request. Depending on the value of your item, the logistics coordinator may have to make special accommodations. Particularly large items such as artwork or sculptures may require special handling. In these circumstances, insurance will be covered by the client and we can refer you to trusted partner companies.

We also work with top-tier armored transportation companies to assist with transportation of specialized or highly valuable inventory. Specialized transportation for artwork and temperature-sensitive items is also available upon request. 

Our white glove service will ensure the process is as seamless as possible and that your assets are fully protected throughout the shipment and intake process. 

Status Monitoring and Alerts

While in shipment, 4K constantly monitors the tracking information for your shipment and you will receive automated notifications when your package is delivered. If there are any issues in shipment, the logistics coordinator will resolve them with the carrier.

Uninsured items

If you want to submit items that either do not fall under insurance or cannot be insured, you are free to send them to us. Our logistics partner can help generate uninsured labels. Anything you want to send in, you can.

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