How it Works

Turning your items into physically-backed NFTs is a simple, three-step process. We made it easy — even for our Web2 frens.

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Quick and Easy Process

You will receive live updates as your items go through the 4K process.

Get Started

1. Fill out form

Our white-glove concierge will reach out to you and work with you 1 on 1 to make the process as seamless and easy as possible.


2. Send in your item

If the item is approved, send in the item or our concierge can help arrange for fully-insured logistics.


3. Professional Inspection

We will inspect, authenticate (for select asset types), and/or provide a condition report.


What can I sell?

You can submit any unique physical item as long as it's in excellent condition, including:

Looking to learn more?

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Crypto Collectibles

Crypto Collectibles

Trading Cards

Trading Cards

Web3 Merch

Web3 Merch



Sports and Music Memorabilia

Sports and Music Memorabilia

Your Imagination

Your Imagination

Physical Art

Physical Art

Casascius coins

Casascius coins

Buy & Sell

The 4K Marketplace

The 4K Marketplace is a decentralized exchange and aggregator specifically built for physically-backed NFTs™. The marketplace can be thought of as a dApp built on top of the 4K Protocol.

Buying with confidence

Looking to buy?

To buy an asset, just connect your crypto wallet, browse the available items, and purchase with confidence knowing you can exchange a physically-backed NFT™ for the physical asset at any time.

  • Only Pay Gas When Buying

  • Fully Insured Overnight Shipping

  • Interact with DeFI


Sell your assets

Looking to sell?

The 4K Marketplace is the best-in-class option for those looking to sell crypto collectibles, memorabilia, physical art, Casascius Coins, trading cards, sneakers, and more.

  • Seller fees on the Marketplace are much lower than any competing platforms – only 1%

  • Instant Settlements, No Chargebacks

1% seller fees


get started

How to Sell

If you’re looking to sell, just follow these steps to get started.


Submit a quick intake form with information about your item.


Send in your item and receive an NFT after it has been verified.

The Future of Web3


Still have questions? Check out our FAQ.

Decorative markerOnly pay gas fee when buying

Decorative markerSecure and insured storage

Decorative markerSame day shipping, generally overnight in the US compared to ~30 days with competitors

Decorative markerTrade physical assets without taking physical possession

Decorative markerAccess to international physical goods

Decorative markerSame day shipping, generally overnight in the US compared to ~30 days with competitors

Decorative markerWork with professional company with support instead of random users

Decorative markerAssets are insured with auditable provenance

Decorative markerUnlock unproductive capital and free up cash by leveraging the power of DeFi

Decorative markerForex fees for international sales

Decorative markerSignificantly lower fees — 1% for sellers

Decorative markerSecure and insured storage

Decorative markerShipping to a single commercial address with professional staff

Decorative markerNo dealing with international logistics, customs, and tax

Decorative markerInstant settlements and no chargebacks

Decorative markerAccess to international buyers

Decorative markerProfessional customer support and no need to deal directly with buyers

Decorative markerUnlock unproductive capital and free up cash using the power of DeFi

Decorative markerForex fees for international sales

Decorative markerAbility to tap into new markets - alternative investment funds, hedge funds and family offices

Decorative markerInteract with DeFi Protocols

Decorative markerSell and Buy on any Marketplaces that support NFTs

Decorative markerBring Physical Assets into Games

Decorative markerFlex your Physical Asset on Social Networks

Decorative markerForm DAOs to Acquire Physical Assets

Decorative markerCollateralize and Borrow or Lend against your Physical Assets

Decorative markerFractionalize

Decorative markerOpen Doors to New Financial Primitives - Synthetics, Derivatives, ETFs, Prediction Markets, and more

Decorative markerInteroperability - Move to Different Chains even if it is not EVM compatible (work in progress)

Explore Our Ecosystem

Learn more about what you can do with our NFTs, like Collateralization and Lending, Fractionalization, DAOs, Metaverse, Gaming and more.


The 4K Protocol Vision

The 4K Protocol acts as the foundational infrastructure for transforming real-world assets into physically-backed NFTs. The protocol incentivizes vetted storage providers, physical oracles, and physical validators to seamlessly manage the backend logistics of moving assets on-chain.

tokenizing physical assets

A fundamental building block for the composable ecosystem of Web3

Tokenizing physical assets opens the door for countless unexplored future applications in DeFi, Merchandising, and the Metaverse.


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