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A physically-backed NFT is a digital token representing a physical item in the real world. 4K allows you to transform your physical items into physically-backed NFTs and vice versa.

Conducting online transactions using physically-backed NFTs dramatically reduces fees associated with traditional online marketplaces. No more managing physical inventories or dealing with complicated warehousing logistics.

By creating a transparent ledger of transaction history on the the blockchain, buyers know the items they are purchasing are vetted and authentic. DeFi applications will soon allow anyone to use physically-backed collateral in a loan, a means of fractionalization, or even as the basis of a stablecoin.

Future applications in the Metaverse will soon be possible. And let’s not forget the ability to flex your collectibles and luxury goods as NFTs in the digital world.

4K makes it easy to convert any physical item into an NFT. Fill out the intake form here to mint a physical NFT. A member of our team will reach out to you within a few days and guide you through the process of sending your item to our warehouse and minting it as an NFT.

To ensure that there is a one-to-one relationship between a physical asset and an NFT, sellers are required to ship their items to our secure warehousing facility once the NFT is minted. The physical item will be safely guarded, giving you peace of mind to fully conduct transactions digitally using your physically-backed NFT.

Yes. You can redeem your physically-backed NFT for the physical item at any time.

Yes. You can redeem your physically-backed NFT for the physical item at any time.

4K operates a state-of-the-art warehousing facility with top-tier security and safety protocols. Assets are secured in industrial-strength vaults and under 24/7 security monitoring.

Physically-backed NFTs purchased on the 4K Marketplace are immediately transferred to your ownership. NFTs can be held securely in your crypto wallet, redeemed for the physical item, or resold on the 4K Marketplace.

Once you redeem your NFT for the physical item, we ship it out from our warehouse within 48 hours.

While technically possible, we encourage you to buy and sell your physically-backed NFTs directly on 4K to ensure full functionality and lower fees. At present moment, physical item redemption is only available through 4K.

4K uses an intensive grading process to ensure that items are legitimate upon arrival at our warehouse.

We inspect and evaluate every new asset for authenticity before minting the physically-backed NFT. For more information on the inspection process, click here.

The 4K Protocol acts as the foundational infrastructure for allowing anyone to convert physical assets into physically-backed NFTs. The protocol consists of Physical Validators, Oracles, and Guardians which are incentivized via a token system to create a decentralized web of storage provision and authentication. The 4K Protocol will be leveraged by a myriad of future applications that require the infrastructure of the Physical-Digital Bridge.

The 4K Marketplace acts as a discovery and aggregation layer on top of the 4K Protocol. The 4K Marketplace is the defacto home for discovery and trade of physically-backed NFTs enabled by the 4K Protocol.

Soon. The infrastructure 4K is building will have a wide range of future applications, including DeFi, merchandising, and metaverse functionality. If you are interested in building with 4K, please reach out to Mail Icon[email protected].

The 4K Protocol is built on Ethereum. We chose Ethereum due to our aligned community values and the high degree of decentralized security that Ethereum offers.

Yes. We have future plans to support multiple Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains.

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