Facility Overview


We keep your assets safe, secure, and protected

We store your valuable asset in a high-security storage facility with state-of-the-art cameras, detailed security protocols, and the most reliable vaults that money can buy. All assets are stored in a climate-controlled and fire-protected facility, with 24/7 security monitoring.

Our high security storage facility offers the following:


  • Climate-controlled environment monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

  • Electronic data loggers monitor temperature and humidity and produce trend reports

  • The temperature is kept at 70F +/- 5F. The humidity is kept at 50 +/- 5% RH


  • Electronic security alarm system that uses magnetic contacts, motion, glass break and water detection sensors, as well as CCTV

  • Live 24/7 system monitoring to provide immediate security response  

  • Digitally-recorded video monitoring and AI-enabled camera systems

Fire Protection

  • Fire and smoke detection alarm system installed according to NFPA 13 requirements

  • Fire alarm system has in-house audible alarms and alerts an approved central station

Pest Control

  • Light boxes and monitoring traps for insects

  • Pheromone monitors where applicable

  • Bait station boxes from Contrac Blox


  • Fully equipped dock & warehouse services

  • Integrated inventory management system  

  • Dust free environment

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