Community Guidelines


We're in this together.

In order for us to be a part of a functional and welcoming ecosystem, we ask that all users abide by the following guidelines:

Follow local laws and regulations

Don’t do anything illegal. Anyone caught breaking the law or misusing our platform will be subject to an indefinite suspension from 4K and possible criminal prosecution.

Act in good faith

We’re here to build the future of physically-backed NFTs together. Avoid doing anything that could damage our brand or reputation.

Counterfeits and Fraud

We have a no tolerance policy for fraud on our platform. We follow an inspection process for items listed on our Marketplace and expect due diligence on the part of resellers before claiming an item is legitimate.

Seller obligations

4K expects sellers to respond to general inquiries in a timely and reasonable manner. By listing an item on 4K, you are making a binding offer to sell that item to a buyer if the listing price is accepted.

Buyer obligations

A buyer is committed to purchasing an item after offering to match the price asked by the seller and completing the transaction. Once the buyer purchases the item, the buyer is the owner of that item.

NFT Disclaimer

NFTs are virtual assets that are stored and maintained on the blockchain. Physically-backed NFTs can be exchanged for the physical item by the NFT owner at any time. Upon redemption, the digital NFT will be burned, causing only the physical asset to remain in the hands of the owner.

Protecting your account

It is important that users safeguard their crypto wallets and accounts. In the case of a lost password or a hacked wallet, 4K cannot be held liable.

Vault terms

Physical assets associated with NFTs are stored in a secure vault operated by 4K. These items are insured and protected in case of accident or loss.


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