Casascius Coins

Deemed as one of the first, if not the VERY first NFTs in existence, Casascius coins give owners the ability to physically hold bitcoin, along with the freedom to unlock the equivalent digital bitcoin value at their will.

Turn your Casascius Coin into an Physically-Backed NFT.

Unlock value stored in your Casascius coin by turning it into an NFT. Open up new possibilities like:

DeFi Integrations

Plug your physical products into the DeFi ecosystem. Fractionalize sales and earn returns by leveraging your coins.

New Markets

Find new buyers for your unpeeled coins. The 4K Vault is the Web3's premier destination to trade Cas Coins.

Easy Transactions

Transacting with Physically-Backed NFTs make trading coins easy. No more complicated inventory logistics.

Metaverse functionality

Bring your collections into the Metaverse.


Casascius Coins Bridge the Physical and Digital.

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Authentication Process:

Every coin in 4K's collection is authenticated, unpeeled, and loaded with not just each coin’s original BTC, but also every fork since minting. Elias Ahonen, the foremost Casascius coin expert, is our third-party authenticator.


Check for tampering of graded ANACS or ICG container.


Check front face security features for signs of counterfeit.


Examine the hologram to confirm the coin is unpeeled.


Take high quality photos of both front and back of the coin.

A Rare Crypto Collectible

Own a piece of Bitcoin History.

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According to casasciustracker, there are only 19,696 active Casascius coins left at the time of writing. On January, 2022, one Cas coin NFT sold for 350% above its peel value on 4K's marketplace.

There are approximately ~19,000 active Casascius Coins left. Loaded Casascius coins are considered rare physical artifacts of the blockchain revolution. Images of Casascius coins are featured in thousands of articles around the world because they are a widely recognized symbol of both Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Casascius coins can also be understood as the earliest form of an NFT since each coin is a unique non-fungible item registered on a blockchain. This makes Casascius coins the perfect fit for 4K’s community so this is an offering you don’t want to miss!

As non-fungible items, the individual value of each coin depends on unique factors that include year, professional grading, and whether they are peeled or unpeeled. 4K is offering a full collection of some of the most highly sought-after pieces with the highest possible grading score.

Get Started:

You will receive live updates as your items move through 4K's intake process.


1. Enter Intake Form.

Our white-glove concierge will reach out within a few days and guide you through the final process.


2. Send us your items.

Once your items are approved, we'll help you arrange shipping logistics to one of our storage providers.


3. Physical NFT Minting.

Once we receive your items, we will inspect, authenticate (for select asset classes), and mint your Physical NFTs. You're now plugged into Web3.


A Timeline of Bitcoin History

Casascius Coins are the physical representation of Bitcoin. Here's the history:


The first Bitcoin transaction happens when Satoshi Nakamoto sends Hal Finney 10 Bitcoins.


Mike Caldwell begins making and selling Casascius coins made of brass. He funds the first Casascius coin on September 7, 2011


By the end of the year, Mike created 11,893 coins and bars with a combined value of 62,691 BTC. Only 735 of these coins and bars have been peeled and redeemed.


Bitcoin Epoch 2 saw 16,045 coins and bars minted with a combined value of 28,571.8 BTC. Only 3,281 of these coins and bars have been peeled and redeemed. FINCEN contacted Mike and required him to register for a money transmitter license.


Mike produced his last coin in January 2014. Rumor has it that he’s making more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

4K is the most reliable and cost-effective place to buy Casascius coins. We offer best-in-class authentication and low fees so that you can be confident the coin you buy is authentic and unpeeled.

First, we inspect the casing in which the grading company placed the coin to ensure it is the same as the coin that was graded. We also examine the tamper-evident hologram with a microscope to search for any signs of peeling.

To be confident beyond any reasonable doubt, we also check the public key to confirm that funds have not moved since minting.

4K uses NFTs to streamline the transaction process for physical assets. By holding your Casascius coin in NFT form, you do not have to reauthenticate with each trade, physically settle with each trade, or securely store your assets. You can redeem your NFT for the physical item at any time.

Also, for the lolz ;)

While some of a Casascius coin’s value comes from the Bitcoin that is stored on the coin, the premium paid for Casascius coins comes from the collectible nature of these coins. Each passing day makes it all more impressive that a given coin has not been peeled. You’ll have a hard time defending your identity as a “Bitcoin maxi” if you don’t own at least one Casascius coin.

All you need to do is reach out to us at [email protected]. Our concierge will follow up with clarifying questions as needed and send you a pre-paid, fully-insured shipping label that you can use to send us your coins. If your coins pass our authentication, we will store them in our vaults and issue you physically-backed NFTs that you can list for sale on our marketplace. If they fail authentication, we will send the coins back to you.