A New Building Block for Web3.

Create the next wave of blockchain innovation by leveraging physical assets in dApps, DeFi, and Metaverse.



Developer Friendly

Explore a Universe of Possibilities.

4K Protocol is the only crypto-native, decentralized solution for tokenizing physical assets. Our trusted infrastructure gives you more freedom to focus on building the things that matter.

4K Protocol Enables:

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Physical NFT Marketplaces

What would an on-chain marketplace for vintage wine look like?

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Physically-Backed Stablecoins

What if we could recreate the gold-standard on-chain?

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Museum DAOs

What if art displayed in physical galleries could be simultaneously traded on-chain?

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What if the shield you used in an RPG was a real physical shield?

Mint a Collection of Physically-Backed NFTs.

  • Create your own collection of physically-backed tokens.

  • Build your audience and earn royalties on secondary sales.

  • We handle redemptions, logistics, and all the heavy lifting.


Become a Trusted Storage Guardian.

  • Bridge your existing inventory of physical assets on-chain.

  • Our tools let you easily manage your on-chain inventory.

  • Connect Physically-Backed NFTs to existing inventory systems.


Build the Next Great dApp.

  • Leverage physical assets on-chain in brand new ways.

  • 4K Protocol is a fully composable Web3 primitive.

  • Join a dedicated community of passionate developers.