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Create the next wave of blockchain innovation by leveraging real-world assets in marketplaces, dApps, DeFi, and beyond.

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Join the Global Network

Help build the physical-digital bridge and shape the future of frictionless exchange. Join and earn 4K tokens, staking rewards and governance rights.

4K Launch Pad

Our suite of tools that allow you to take your NFTs to the next level.

4K Minter

The 4K Minter is a self-service tool with configurable attribution fields used to populate the metadata of the NFT. Once your NFT is configured, select vaulting and insurance options from the Guardian network before sending your item(s) in.

4K Mint Drops

Tailored for established creators and brands aiming to create FOMO, 4K MintDrops are provably-fair, create buzz and boost engagement with your latest product drop.

4K Collections

Customize how you present your NFTs. 4K Collections allow you to manage your brand presentation, validate brand identity and curate your NFT collection.

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4K Foundation

As stewards of the 4K Physical Protocol Foundation, we fund and advance the creation of an interoperable, sustainable, and community-owned decentralized ecosystem.


Bug Bounty

4K Bug Bounty

Security of the protocol is key.That's why we're launching the 4K Bug Bounty Program - a proactive measure to detect and resolve bugs and edge cases, while also supporting the important work of researchers.


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Have a killer idea, event, or application? Apply now to get funding for your contribution to the 4K Physical Protocol.


4K Labs

4K Labs is our all-inclusive service for brands looking to develop their own tokenized merchandise. From design to delivery, manufacturing to minting, and even storage, we provide end-to-end support.

4K Labs