Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds.

Web3's most trusted Physically-Backed NFTs.



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The First Decentralized Protocol for Tokenizing Physical Assets.

Bringing physical assets on-chain is hard. Past attempts to solve this problem have been centralized, ad-hoc, and open to fraud.

4K Protocol is the first decentralized solution for bringing physical assets on-chain by coordinating a network of storage “Guardians” through incentive-aligned storage fees, audits, and on-chain loss/damage coverage.


Physically-Backed NFTs as a Service.

Whether you're a brandcollector, or marketplace, 4K Protocol allows anyone to mint a collection of physical assets as NFTs.

NFTs are minted when items are received by our decentralized network of storage Guardians. Redeem the NFT for the physical asset at any time.

We handle the legal, physical, and logistical hard parts, letting you focus on building the things that matter.


A New Composable Primitive for Web3.

4K Protocol provides trust that a token is truly backed by the physical item. This opens a new world of possibilities for what you can build.



Build lending protocols for physical assets. Fractionalize ownership of rare collectibles.



Have an existing marketplace? Bring your business into Web3 and sell items as NFTs.

Web3 Merchandising


Tokenize merchandise to build community. Leverage physical assets in AMM Liquidity Pools.



Diversify DAO treasuries by using physical items as collateral. Create a digital museum for rare art.

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