New Interstellar (2014) Movie Trailer in 4K Looks Spectacular

by on September 15, 2014

by Stephan Jukic September 15th, 2014

As 4K resolution gathers traction in the world of motion pictures and in camera technology as a whole, we’re going to see more movies than ever filmed in Ultra HD resolution and this awesome new trend is starting to look especially spectacular with some of the latest Hollywood action movies.

Here we present you with Christopher Nolan’s very, very impressive looking Interstellar movie, which is coming out in theaters in November of 2014 and stars some major actors such as Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine. Christopher Nolan, who gained massive fame on the big screen with his Dark Knight trilogy of Batman films and with earlier movies such as Inception and the Prestige, has been working on the Interstellar script since 2007 and is finally about to bring the science fiction movie about interstellar explorers to the big screen in exquisite 4K Ultra HD resolution.

The movie revolves around the discovery of an interstellar wormhole and the group of scientists and explorers who embark on a voyage through it to emerge in a region of the universe that’s utterly removed from our solar system so that they can save humanity. Mathew McConaughey plays the role of a widowed engineer who has to leave his two children behind on Earth for the larger importance of the lifesaving mission.

Interstellar, which was captured with a mixture of anamorphic 35mm filming and IMAX film photography technology will be released in 4K resolution at select theaters with projectors capable of showing the format and of course to select giant IMAX screens that can really show off the movie’s Ultra HD details.

The movie is scheduled for international release in November, 2014 and will be hitting U.S theaters on November the 7th.

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