Sony KD-65X9005B Review: A High End, Highly Anticipated 4K TV

by on June 5, 2014

The Sony KD-65X9005B starts off the manufacturer’s second generation of 4K TVs by offering a huge list of features and exquisite image quality at a fairly reasonable price as far as 4K HD TVs go. Measuring in at 65 diagonal screen inches and partially ignoring the craze for ultra slim screens, the KD-65X9005B is a big beast of a television that also packs in some amazing speakers which will give you some of the best audio you’re likely to hear out of a flat screen TV.

There are some minor issues with motion rendering, 3D capability and the deepness of black colors but overall, the KDL-65X9005B is worth a serious look and potential buyers won’t be disappointed with what it offers.

The Good

The KD offers a feature rich viewing experience that gives you smooth, natural colors, bright picture with extraordinary crispness, and the latest in 4K technology (this being one of Sony’s second generation 4K TVs). The KDs user interface is friendly and intuitively easy to use while also packing numerous smart features and connectivity options.

Best of all, the latest 4K technology that’s packed into this beast of a TV ensures that when you play 4K content and games, your screen will truly come to life. The KD-65 is equipped with 4 HDMI 2.0 ports and also includes a HEVC/H.265 decoder so you can connect it to stream the latest 4K content from Netflix on its 3840 x 2160 resolution screen.

The bad

One of the KD-65s big turn offs might be the thick wedge shaped design. It was deliberately utilized by Sony so that the TV’s massive and extremely powerful speakers could fit into its body and some buyers might be turned off by this style in comparison to thinner, more elegant looking competitor products. Furthermore, the 3D functionality in the KD-65 leaves a bit to be desired and its motion rendering technology, while good in terms of the refresh rate in Hz, doesn’t always do its job the way it should for more movement intensive video clips and game scenes.

Final Thoughts

While the KD-65x900 is a great 4K TV and really packs an unsurpassed punch in terms of sound quality, you’re probably better off going for its much cheaper counterparts from LG or Samsung -----both of which have almost all of the same features.

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Sony KD 65X9005B Specs
• Weight: 101.4 pounds
• Dimensions: 34.5” x 67.5” x 4”
• Screen size: 65 inches, measured diagonally
• Smart TV: Yes
• 3D Capable: Yes, Active 3D playback
• 3D Glasses: 2 pairs included
• Refresh Rate: 800Hz Motionflow XR
• Screen Lighting: edge-lit LED backlighting with local dimming (X-Tended Dynamic Range system)
• Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels UHD
• Wireless Connectivity: Yes, includes both built-in WiFi and an Ethernet port
• Remotes: 2 remotes, One-Flick touchpad remote and standard button remote
• Connectivity Ports: 4 HDM1 2.0 compatible ports (2 MHL compatible), 1 component, 1 composite, 1 Ethernet and 3 USB ports
• Speakers: crystal clarity magnetic fluid speakers with Front Surround Sound


Probably the single biggest highlight of the Sony KD 65X900 is its cutting edge, deeply powerful magnetic fluid speakers with S-force Pro Surround Sound. Their internal magnetic fluid technology is designed to provide at least 60% more sound quality than competitors speakers creating what is quite possibly the clearest, best audio function of any sound system built into a TV on the market. The sound system also comes combined with the S-Master sound sharpening system, which can clean up and augment audio inputs from any source by digitally processing and restoring them to clarity.

Another interesting feature of the KD 65X900 series is its smartphone streaming ability. Simply by touching any NFC enabled mobile device to the One-Flick remote, you can immediately stream all the content on your phone’s display to the giant screen in front of you. If your phone doesn’t have NFC, then the same thing can be done via USB cable.

One more highlight that’s worth mentioning is the deal that Sony made with Netflix to arrange streaming 4K UHD content right to your 4K TV. For now, unfortunately, this content is limited to House of Cards and Breaking Bad (In June) and it also requires an internet connection with a minimum of 15 to 20 Mbps, but the basic system is in place and will expand.

Finally, your X900 connects you to the Sony Entertainment Network, which is loaded with interactive media apps such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Visual Specs

The KD 65X900 comes with edge-lit LED backlighting with local dimming thanks to its X-Tended Dynamic Range system. Naturally, for a 4K TV, it also features an Ultra HD 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution, which is a pretty standard feature in most 4K TVs. However, the KD 65X900 also comes with what Sony calls its Triluminous Display technology, which has finally matured enough to create a really visible color difference in this model. The colors jump right out at you with their depth, vibrancy and range. Combine these features with the respectable 65 inch screen and you’ve got one heck of a visual display platform.

What’s particularly impressive about the Triluminous display is the fact that it doesn’t simply saturate the screen with a brightening of the main colors in your content but also allows you to see all the subtle shades that were meant to come with a given film source.
In terms of displaying Blu-ray and full HD video content, the KD 65X900 really excels at the job and is great at showing you the full plethora of colors that come with some of the most vibrant Blu-ray films on the market. The same quality applies to HD TV channels as well.

One area in which the X900’s visuals do sort of lag is when it comes to displaying classic DVD films, which can show lackluster colors and even fuzzy edges.


Connectivity on the KD 65X900 is excellent and even better in some key ways than that found on other 4K TVs on the market. 4 HDMI 2.0 ports give you a powerful 60 frames per second of Ultra HD performance and two of these ports are even MHL compatible, for loading mobile HD content from your mobile devices to your 4K screen.

Built-in WiFi, an Ethernet connection port and three USB ports work to complete the picture in terms of high level connectivity between your X900, the web and other electronic media. The built-in Opera browser makes navigation easy and familiar while you enjoy your X900’s web enabled features. Also, the TV comes with all the standard ports for component, digital audio out and composite.


Pricewise, the KD 65X900 is somewhat costly as far as 65 inch 4K Ultra HD TVs go. At about $6000 dollars, it costs nearly twice as much as an equal sized counterpart from either Samsung or LG.

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Not so Great

Except for the 4 HDMI 2.0 ports and extraordinary sound quality offered by the speakers, buyers interested in a high end 65 inch 4K TV could just as easily go with something like the Samsung UN65F9000 (Insert link to my review of this model) or the LG 55LA9700 (Will write review of this, add link to it here) and get an even more feature rich experience from equal or better manufacturers of 4K TVs at a much lower price.

Furthermore, due to its thickness and bulk (thanks to the speakers), the X9000 is awfully heavy for a 65 inch TV. It weighs almost 30 pounds more than a comparable Samsung version.


• Some seriously awesome and highly advanced speakers
• 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD resolution
• Beautiful and very subtle color rendering thanks to the Triluminous Display
• Comes with Smart TV
• Access to the Sony Entertainment Network
• Comprehensive connectivity options
• Fully equipped with HDMI 2.0
• Easy mobile to big screen streaming with NFC technology
• 3D TV
• 4K Content streaming from Netflix


• Too expensive for what it offers
• 4K and Triluminous display fails with regular DVD
• Too bulky, thick and heavy
• Motion rendering is lacking
• Needs improvements on DVD resolution

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Bottom Line

The KD-65 is one hell of a fine purchase as far as 4K TVs go. However, in terms of overall value per dollar spent, you’re probably better off going for something like the Samsung UN65F9000, which offers better motion rendering, slightly better connectivity features and a superior upgrade package for a drastically lower price. On the other hand, if you want some truly outstanding built in speakers that are unmatched on the market, then the KD-65X9005B is the TV for you.

Also, while 4K content is expected to grow in scope, for now it remains quite scarce on the ground, so if you just want to enjoy great regular HD content that’s designed for 1080p HD screens, then forget about getting this or any other 4K TV and save yourself several thousand dollars.

Check the Price of Sony Kd-65X9005B on Amazon: