A Review of the LG Electronics 77EG9900 77-Inch 4k Ultra HD 3D Flexible Curved OLED TV

by on June 21, 2015

Of the entire 2015 line of LG OLED 4K TVs, the one which most exists within a rarified category of its own has got to be the LG 77EG9900, which was first featured at CES 2015 in January. It has been replaced by the EF9500 and EG9600.

Not only does the 77EG9900 provide an absolutely huge 77 inch ultra HD OLED display, it can also do the one thing no other LG TV is capable of providing: It’s the only model today that lets you have both curved and flat screen display in case you find yourself not quite capable of choosing between the two.

Best of all, because the 77EG9900 is genuinely one big TV with that 77 inch screen it has, the curvature that’s available to it actually delivers some real benefit. We’ve covered this before in previous LG and Samsung 4K TV reviews here at 4K.com and the curved designs of most 4K TVs deliver more of a cool looking gimmick effect than real visual enhancement. Both LG and Samsung also claim that the inward curvature improves sound quality but this is debatable too.

However, when it comes to larger screens, in the 70 inch+ range, curved design genuinely does create something of an immersive experience and this is where the literal flexibility of the 77EG9900 comes in very handy. You can test both flat and curved right in the same single model!

Featuring the same awesome absolute top-shelf specs as its rigidly flat-screen cousin the 65EC9700, the 77EG9900 ups the screen size and delivers the addition of its strangely flexible design.

The Good

Just as is the case for all of its OLED cousins, the single finest feature of the 77EG9900 is its display technology. This alone makes this TV one of the best possible 4K Ultra HD models you can buy in 2015 and in combination with the other display technologies at work in the 77EG9900, the OLED offers what is quite possibly the finest display technology in existence right now.

OLED is an acronym for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and what it does is create a TV in which the LEDs themselves can shut off as needed for creating dark areas on the screen. This seems like a simple development but what it creates is an absolute marvel of perfect shading control and basically infinite contrast since the dark tones of content are genuinely free of light.

In contrast, conventional LED TVs simply block off the light of constantly running LEDs with little pixel shutters and the result is a slightly less than perfect black level that also decreases contrast and accurate color reproduction.

But going beyond just the OLED technology of the display, the 77EG9900, as one of LG’s flagship 4K TVs, also offers exquisite color saturation thanks to the use of 4 color pixel technology which expands the range of available hues and an upscaling engine for regular HD content which is almost second to none.

Aside from display features, the 77EG9900 comes with the absolutely excellent, beautifully fast and efficient webOS 2.0 Smart TV operating system and behind this, it also features as good a connectivity package as you can hope to have, with full compatibility with the latest sources of 4K content, a complete web browsing system and full HEVC, HDCP 2.2 and VP9 functionality to make sure that content from studio sources or YouTube is never blocked on the screen.

Finally, we come back to the flexible screen technology. Some might argue that this is a pure gimmick but it really does offer an interesting value in the form of being able to choose and see which works best, curved or flat, for different audio and video qualities.

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The bad

In terms of any single technical specification, there simply isn’t anything “bad” about the LG 77EG9900. This TV delivers color and perfect blacks in a way that will practically make you tear up in wonder and its connectivity package, smart TV platform and audio specs are pretty much second to none. They’re spectacular.

The one thing we can say to the 77EG9900’s detriment is simply that it costs a lot. An awful lot. Part of this price is because the TV offers a 77 inch OLED 4K UHD screen and even OLED 4K TVs with small 55 inch screens cost well above $3,000. But part of the 77EG9900’s price also lies in the flexible screen apparatus. While some might love this, it could also arguably be called a gimmick that adds little value for the extra $1000 to $1500 it adds to the price. That’s something that you the use would have to decide for yourself.

Final Thoughts

The LG 77EG9900 Flexible OLED 4K TV is pretty much LG’s single best TV of 2015. It comes with all of the same connectivity and display specs of the 65EC9700 (The company’s other “flagship” TV) but with the added features of a physically flexible screen and a much larger display size of 77 inches. Yes, it’s going to cost you a lot of money, more than $10,000, but if you want the absolute best in 4K home entertainment, this TV is pretty much unbeatable. For more discounted top rated 4k TVs, check out the Samsung UN65JU7500 and the LG 70UF7700.


Screen size: 77 diagonal inches
Smart TV: Yes (webOS 2.0)
HEVC (H.265) Included: Yes
HD to UHD upscaling: Yes, LG 4K Upscaler engine
HDCP 2.2 Compliance: Yes
Refresh Rate: 240Hz
Screen Lighting: full-array OLED backlighting
Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels UHD
Wireless Connectivity: Yes, includes WiFi, Blue Tooth, NFC and Ethernet port
Remotes: LG Magic Remote Control
Connectivity: 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0/1 USB 3.0, component, Digital Audio out, 1 LAN, 1 RF In Composite, Ethernet
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: infinite contrast due to OLED technology
Audio: 4 channel speaker system with Ultra Surround Sound and 6 sound modes
Other Display Features: Tru 4K Engine Pro, 4K Resolution Upscaler, Tru Color Generator, Smart Picture Mode, 8 mode aspect ratio
Processor: Quad-Core processor


At a first look, the thing that calls attention to the LG 77EG9900 Flexible OLED 4K TV right off the bat is its wonderfully elegant design. LG’s 4K TVs are generally known for their beautifully minimalist elegance and this applies particularly to the company’s OLED line of TVs, which have some of the very thinnest screens in existence. The 77EG9900 is pretty much bezel-free and this, combined with the massive 77 inch screen and ability to curve inwards, serves to create a wonderfully immersive experience when it comes to viewing 4K or regular movies and TV shows.

Next up, the obvious, the screen curving motor on the 77EG9900. With a single wave of your LG magic remote, you can activate that motor and have the TV almost magically and quietly flex from flat to curved and back again, just like that. No more wondering which is better or wishing you’d bought either a curved LG model or a flat screen version. They’re both there in one single TV. Furthermore, this technology is also ridiculously cool to behold. It seems like such a simple thing but when you combine it with the TV’s beautiful overall look, sheer size and exquisite display technology, you get a machine that will probably bring on the envy from friends more than any other 4K TV in this size range could.

As for the visual highlights of the 77EG9900. They’re quite simply amazing. Here are OLED technology and ultra HD 4K resolution at their finest. The blacks are so richly perfect in the 77EG9900 that no photo of the TV seen on anything less than another OLED screen can really do them justice.

Furthermore, because OLED means essentially infinite contrast and perfect, completely light free black rendering, the color saturation of the bright spots on the screen sticks out far more impressively.

Finally, the webOS operating system/smart TV platform is nothing less than superb at making the user experience smooth, fluid and flexible. WebOS 2.0 supports pretty much all of the regular streaming video services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and Hulu Plus right out of the box, and as long as your household internet connection is strong enough to handle 4K video streams, all of these services which feature 4K content can deliver it to your screen right away. Also, if you happen to have a set-top box loaded with content and waiting to be used, the webOS platform and TV will let you automatically control it with a built-in IR blaster.

Visual Specs

The massive dose of realism that OLED technology offers its 4K TVs is something which has to really be seen to be believed. Describing it doesn’t really do justice to the quality of the on-screen imagery, particularly when it consists of native 4K content from a set-top box (4K streams from Netflix or other sources don’t look quite as good as HDMI 2.0 transmitted 4K content due to their video compression).

The blacks on the screen are absolutely perfect in a way that no other brand of 4K TV can match (nobody else has OLED 4K TVs yet) and this in turn makes the 4 pixel color technology of the 77EG9900 stand out even more than it normally would in its sheer vibrancy. There have been criticisms of OLED 4K TVs for their inability to create the same level of luminance as conventional LED 4K TVs.

These criticisms do have some validity to them but the extreme contrast created by these TVs’ ability to render perfect blacks more than offsets a slight loss of overall luminance.

As far as the 4K resolution of the 77EG9900 goes, it’s about as good as it gets and the internal 4K upscaler engine from LG genuinely does a fine job of scaling regular Full HD content upwards so that it looks great on the screen. If you happen to be watching Blu-ray HD content that has been upscaled, the rendering is particularly good and visually, there is virtually no difference between Blu-ray HD and the streamed 4K video from a source like Netflix.

Finally, since we’re talking about a very large 77 inch screen here, the 77EG9900 really showcases 4K content at a scale where it can be appreciated. Small 4K TVs look great, but 4K really comes into its own on screens of at least 65 inches and upwards.


In terms of connectivity, the 77EG9900 flexible 4K OLED TV pretty much delivers the same as any other high end LG 4K model. That is to say that it comes willy loaded with all the specs you need to enjoy your favorite content, web browsing and applications to the max. WiFi comes built in, the 77EG9900 also features WiFi direct, SIMPLINK and a LAN port for direct cable-based internet connectivity. HEVC and VP9 compression decoding is built into this TV too, so Netlfix or Amazon content will display without any trouble.

All of the 4 HDMI 2.0 ports on the 77EG9900 are HDCP 2.2 compatible and ready for the set-top box of your choice, such as Sony’s LG 4K TV-compatible FMP X10 4K media player, with its hundreds of hours of 4K movies, shows and documentaries.


Strangely, pricing information on the LG 77EG9900 flexible 4K OLED TV is hard to get for now. It’s listed as currently out of stock on Amazon.com and even the LG website itself has no pricing details available for this model. However, given that the LG 65EC9700 OLED TV with its 65 inch screen costs $8,999, we can safely assume that the 77EG9900 retails for just above $10,000 with its 77 inch flexible screen and OLED display technology.

Update: Nov 2015 - Check out the newest line of LG OLEDs such as the EG9600 and the EF9500. Also, make sure to check out the highly rated Samsung SUHD TV Series such as the JS8500 and JS7000.

Check the LG Electronics 65EG9600 65-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Curved Smart OLED TV

4.1 - 7 Reviews

Not so Great

To summarize quickly, the LG 77EG9900 is in no technical way a bad TV. It simply goes to the maximum levels of quality currently available in all visual, connectivity and display specifications. It’s only real problem is the sheer cost of the beast.


• Superb webOS 2.0 platform
• Excellent, giant screen for maximum 4K appreciation
• Full connectivity package
• The TV runs fast on its quad-core processor
• Flexible screen


• This is one very expensive TV
• Flexible screen delivers moderate value for a high price

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