A Review of the LG 3D Curved 77EG9700 OLED 4K Smart TV

by on August 28, 2015

Overall, there’s virtually nothing to not recommend about the LG 3D Curved 77EG9700 OLED 4K Smart TV. This model, like the entire LG 2015 line of OLED 4K ultra HD TVs, pretty much has every top-shelf spec you could possibly get your hands on for the time being and without a doubt, the 77EG9700, along with all of its OLED cousins for 2015, offers what is without a doubt the highest caliber of picture quality currently in existence on any consumer TV in the world. Update Nov 2015: This is the 2014 model, check out the new LG EG9600.

With a completely unique organic light emitting diode technology that’s available only from LG on the current market, perfect dark tones, exquisite color rendition and unbelievable screen thinness, the 77EG9700 is unlike any non-OLED TV in many different ways. A complete and completely up-to-date selection of connectivity features, coupled with LG’s acclaimed smart TV platform WebOS 2.0 work to complete the picture of near perfect quality in this model. Furthermore, the 77 inch screen is gigantic and highly immersive, which also makes its built-in curvature all the more enticing, for a more immersive experience.

However, pricing on all 4K OLED TVs is definitely not for the budget-minded buyer and the 77 inch 77EG9700 takes this particular characteristic to extremes. In a year in which 4K TV prices as a whole fell remarkably, the 77EG9700 still costs more than $24 thousand dollars!

The Good

It’s not without very good reason that we recommended this specific model as our best 4K TV of 2015 in its size class. The LG OLED 77EG9700 offers a whole pile of superb to downright incredible characteristics to those who have the money to get their hands on this giant of a TV.

For starters because it’s the single most impressive and important technology on the 77EG9700, there is the OLED display. This lighting system involves the use of organic light emitting diodes (OLED) as a complete screen backlighting system of extremely tiny light emitters that glow brilliantly when exposed to electrical current. Unlike the conventional technology of LED, OLED can be completely shut off or activated to maximal luminance right at the single pixel level. The result is a perfect precision for lighting elements of on-screen visuals and a perfect level of darkness in areas that are not supposed to have light. Nothing in the LED/LCD TV spectrum comes close to competing with the exactitude of OLED technology.

Furthermore, the same OLED technology in the 77EG9700 also allows it to generate some of the most realistic colors you’re going to see in a 4K TV of any kind. While overall luminance and vibrancy may be slightly better in some of the most advanced LED TVs, OLED models create a realism that’s pretty much unrivaled. Additionally, their off-angle viewing quality is near perfect even at extreme angles, something you won’t find in even the highest quality 4K LED/LCD TVs, like the Samsung SUHD models such as the UN65JS8500.

Finally, to finish off our brief summary of the 77EG9700’s good features, this machine is nearly perfect in physical terms. Its overall design is sleek and beautifully minimalist and the OLED technology allows for a screen thickness that’s more delicate than any other on the market, contributing further to the image of a TV from another, future era. With its huge 77 inch size, the 77EG9700 also takes all of these physical design features to new levels of attention-grabbing impressiveness.

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The bad

Not even LG’s OLED TVs are perfect but their defects tend more towards non-technical problems and things that are lacking then to actual deficiencies of display technology. With that said, there are two such non-technical problems with buying the 77EG9700.

First of all, this TV, like all OLED models, is expensive even with its 77 inch screen. With a price well into the $24,000 range, it’s certainly not a model that anyone with any budget consciousness is going to go for. OLED 4K TVs are the very peak of the 4K TV quality pyramid and OLED technology is still costly to reproduce. With LG being the only company currently making these types of UHD TV models, pricing has one more reason to stay exceptionally high.

Secondly, Something LG recently did is worth mentioning because of the effect it has on the value of the 77EG9700 and all of its other 2014 and early 2015 4K OLED models. After putting out several such TVs with the “latest specs”, LG has now announced that it will start selling several new OLED flat screen TV models as of September 2015.

These are identical to curved models like the 77EG9700 in all regards except that they have no screen curvature and, more crucially, they come with HDMI 2.0a, which is the most HDR content-ready version of HDR (High Dynamic Range, enhanced contrast in other words). The 77EG9700, for all its high pricing, does not have this connectivity feature and won’t be physically updated with it as far as we know. Thus, LG has given a slight kick in the rear to all its loyal customers who put down money for the first batch of 2015 OLEDs, and is now rewarding buyers who waited with the true best connectivity specs on the market.

Make no mistake, the 77EG9700 and all of its 2015 cousins from before the HDMI 2.0a hardware update are still more than ready to handle HDR content in terms of their contrast capacities but the new flatscreen models that emerge in September will be “truly” HDR-compatible as no previous LG TV is.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the only 4K TVs on the market right now which might beat the LG 77EG9700 in terms of overall quality are other OLED TVs with slightly more compact screens and much better prices. Those aside, the EG9700 is the single best 75+ inch 4K TV on sale right now, without a doubt. It’s expensive like very few TVs are but if you’ve got the money, you can’t do better than this TV if you want a giant screen.


Screen size: 77 diagonal inches
Smart TV: Yes, WebOS 2.0
HEVC (H.265) Included: Yes
HD to UHD upscaling: Yes
HDCP 2.2 Compliance: Yes
Refresh Rate: 120Hz native refresh rate
Screen Lighting: OLED
Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 pixels UHD
Remotes: LG Magic Remote
Connectivity: 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 port, WiFi, WiFi Direct, SIMPLINK, Digital Audio Out, LAN, RS-232
Sound: Harman/Kardon 70W 4ch full range speakers with Ultra Surround + 6 sound modes and subwoofer
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: Infinite thanks to OLED technology
Other Display Features: Infinite Contrast, 4K Resolution Upscaler
TV weight without/with stand: 87.9 lbs/95.4 lbs
Dimensions: 67.6" x 43.7" x 12.7" inches with stand/ 67.6” x 41.9” x 1.4” inches without stand


The major highlights of the 77EG9700 are without a doubt its exquisite quality of color, perfect illumination and display realism thanks mainly to the built-in OLED technology. Beyond these, other highlights consist of infinite contrast, an exquisite caliber of 4K resolution, the superb WebOS 2.0 smart TV platform and a fantastic 4K upscaling engine that few other brands can match.

Thus, starting with the color, illumination and realism, this TV and other OLED models in the 2015 line create a level of real-world perfection that pretty much nobody else can hope to match. We’ve seen the displays on numerous 4K LED/LCD TVs from the most budget-friendly to the best and latest with quantum dot nanocrystal technology and enhanced contrast but nothing really comes close to what you get with LG’s OLED technology in simulating the real world as we see it down to some of the finest details of lighting, color and impressiveness. The 77EG9700 and its cousins are all TVs that create the closest we’ve seen yet to screens that look like actual windows to whatever is on the screen instead of digital representations of it.

Furthermore, the sheer size of the screen in this specific model, the 77EG9700 makes all of the above simply stand out even more, with a “Wow” factor that has to be seen to be appreciated. Aside from the fact that 4K resolution itself is at its finest when seen a 70+ inch screen, the sheer color realism and perfect dark contrast of this TV are all also further augmented by that exquisite 77 inch screen on the 77EG9700.

Then there is the total, infinite contrast produced by the OLED technology of the EG9700 and its other cousins in the OLED lines. Because OLED diodes can be completely shut off to cease producing any light at all in a TV display, the contrast level between dark and maximum brightness is essentially infinite. In LED/LCD TVs of all types, this isn’t possible and even the LCD/LED models that are absolutely best at creating superb contrast, such as the Samsung SUHD TVs, still emit a fractional amount of light when their screens are in full dark mode. Because of this, their contrast is limited in ways that OLED is not.

What completes all of the above is he simple fact that these LG TVs reproduce 4K resolution superbly, aside from matters of contrast, brightness and color rendering, the actual 4K ultra HD display technology itself is at its finest in this model and the crispness of all those 8.2 million pixels working so close to perfection is very impressive to behold.

Next, in a final visual highlight of this TV, we need to mention the 4K upscaling engine of the EG9700. All 4K TVs on sale today come with these due to the continuing shortage of truly broad 4K content options but few models pull of the quality of upscaling that LG does with its TVs. Sony’s XBR65C850C upscaling engine is arguably better but the LG version is also superb at making Full HD content and particularly Blu-ray HD content look almost as good as real 4K video. The visual qualities in OLED TVs that we mentioned above only reinforce the impressiveness of normal HD video viewed on one of these models.

Finally, we should also briefly cover LG’s WebOS 2.0 smart TV platform. This Smart TV system is arguably one of the best on the market for the time being and offers an interface layout that is simpler and much more intuitive than that of LG’s previous version of Smart TV from a couple years ago. Sorting programs and searching through apps and content is also much easier and faster than ever before thanks to the absolutely fantastic Magic Remote that LG throws in with all of its main 4K TVs. Boot times on webOS 2.0 are not quite as fast as those of Sony’s Android TV platform in that brands 2015 4K TVs but overall, webOS 2.0 still works wonderfully.

Also, we should mention that Smart TV content apps like Netflix Amazon, YouTube, HSN, Hulu and DirecTV are all ready for use on webOS 2.0 and the smart platform has one exclusive app feature as well, which is only available to LG’s webOS system: This is the GoPro Channel App, which lets owners of GoPro Hero 4K cameras upload their 4K videos to the app and stream other people’s HD and 4K GoPro videos on demand.

Visual Specs

We’ve already pretty much covered the majority of what you need to know about the EG9700’s visual specs in some of the previous sections, but a few additional observations are worth highlighting.

Once again, we really need to underscore just how fantastic the black levels of the EG9700 and all of the OLED 4K TVs really look. This is possibly the first thing you’ll notice when turning one of these babies on. The contrast and sheer richness of dark tones is absolutely stunning and incomparable to anything in any other TV we’ve seen.

Samsung’s SUHD TVs and particularly the JS9500 flagship model from Samsung come closest to reaching the same effect with peak illuminating technologies and local dimming features for their LED arrays but what they deliver simply doesn’t come close to the effect seen in an OLED TV like the EG9700. Brightness in LED TVs is superior to that of OLED models but when you watch the EG9700 in a darkened room and really see that perfect blackness contrast with illuminated sections of the screen, you’ll appreciate how much better it really is than LED/LCD technology of any kind that exists right now.

Additionally, the EG9700 and all of the other OLED TVs offer the absolute best off-center viewing clarity you’ll see in any 4K TV today. This is again thanks to their OLED technology and the effect of virtually full contrast, clarity and color rendering even at extreme off-center angles is something no LCD screen, not even the best, can replicate.


The connectivity features of the 77EG9700 are pretty much standard issue and as good as any found in the other major 4K TV models on the market, both of the highly affordable and very expensive kind. This model comes with your usual rack of 4 HDMI 2.0 ports, 3 USB ports (one of them USB 3.0) and several analog ports which will mostly be useless to a majority of users. There is also built-in Ethernet and WiFi connectivity for making all the powerful web connectivity features of the Smart TV platform work as well as they do.

We do have to say though that in connectivity design, LG could have really used a technology like Samsung’s JU6700 external and easily upgradable One Connect box, and especially so considering the new HDR-optimized HDMI 2.0a update that has been given to the latest, upcoming flat-screen versions of the 2015 OLED TVs. Those loyal LG fans who bought previous highly expensive 2015 OLED TVs have now been left behind as far as HDR connectivity goes.


The LG OLED 4K 77EG9700 smart TV is, as we’d already said, one very, very expensive 4K TV. The impact it will create in any home is immense and impressive but getting that absolutely stunning quality for your movie and TV watching needs will cost you $24999.99 from the LG website itself.

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Not so Great

To summarize briefly, there really aren’t any “not so great” technical features on the LG 77EG9700. More than anything, this TV is simply extremely expensive. The only other problem is that it lacks the HDMI 2.0a of LG’s very latest flat screen OLED models and there is no way to update the EG9700 to include this latest HDR-ready connectivity feature.


• Unrivaled contrast
• Nearly perfect color accuracy and vibrancy
• Superb brightness in darker rooms
• Complete connectivity package
• Exquisite 4K visuals with 77 inch screen
• Beautiful physical design


• Extremely expensive
• No HDMI 2.0a as in newest flat screen OLED 4K TVs

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Bottom Line

This is by far the best giant screen 4K TV on sale today. The LG 77EG9700 is a model we really can't fail to recommend based on any of its specs and highlights. It's only major downside is the very steep price it sells for.

Check the Price of LG Electronics 65EC9700 65-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Curved Smart OLED TV (2014 Model) on Amazon:

4.7 - 12 Reviews

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