Sony Makes 4K Video Recording Affordable to Everyone

by on June 23, 2014

by Stephan Jukic – June 20th, 2014

We’ve already reviewed it before and the Sony AX100 is one of the best demonstrations on the market today of how the evolution of UHD 4K video is proceeding apace through all the classical steps of new consumer technology.

4K TV is creeping down in price but still doing so slowly to many peoples liking and and 4K TV content is still as rare as solid gold goose eggs but 4K cameras are becoming not only extremely popular but also incredibly affordable. The Sony AX100 Handycam is the best example of this trend to come out so far.

What the AX100 offers is the latest in Sony’s efforts to keep pushing for the bottom on price while still delivering high quality in 4K recording technology. At only $1,999 USD, this camera offers a whole plethora of really powerful high end 4K recording features that leave even many professional normal HD filming cameras completely in the dust.

This camcorder, despite its tiny size and reasonable price is easily one of the sharpest of its kind on the market today. The native 4K recording it gives users is incredibly sharp and can be done via an assortment of surprisingly versatile settings given the camcorder’s apparent simplicity. The conventional HD is also nothing to sneeze at either.

What really makes this camcorder perform well above expectations is the enormously powerful 1 inch sensor combined with Zeiss lens that Sony saw fit to tack onto it. While it’s not going to give users a professional grade light sensing capacity, it does a really good job of coming close.

In essence, what the AX100 does is expand even further an ongoing trend in which 4K filming technology is becoming easier to use and more accessible to conventional consumer video and photo buffs. Certain 4K film camera makers are expanding their selection beyond the domain of professionals who are willing to spend $10,000+ on a production camera and bringing a somewhat simpler but still very powerful 4K filming capacity into consumer spending territory.

Thus the very affordable price tag of the Sony AX100 despite its range of surprisingly robust features.

This camcorder is the perfect device for a recreational video buff. It offers just enough control features to be useful even in mobile professional settings while also being so easy to use that a complete novice can simply push the record button and start rolling while still creating awesome crystal clear video in 3,830 x 2160 pixel resolution.

Best of all, Sony’s new camcorder has prodded the competition into entering the same market with competing camcorders/cameras, such as Panasonic’s GH4 DSLR/4K video camera, which also offers 4K video filming power and is sold for a price comparable to that of the Sony AX100.

The ultimate result of this competition will only benefit regular buyers who want a taste of 4K in their video and photo shooting.

Story by 4k.com

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