Yuneec’s awesome Typhoon H 4K drone with Intel RealSense tech now on pre-order

by on June 23, 2016

Stephan Jukic – June 23, 2016

Yuneec is known in the world of UAV hobby flying for the quality of its generally excellent Typhoon Q500 and Q500+ 4K-capable consumer market drones and with good reason, we’ve reviewed the Q500 ourselves and it’s definitely one of the better flyers on the market today.

Well, now the same developers who brought the Q500 to buyers have created the completely new and radically redesigned Typhoon H 4K drone to sale for pre-order. The new drone not only offers a spidery and sleekly black body that’s completely different from the Q500’s form factor, it also sells for a relatively steep retail price, though this new UAV includes enough cutting edge technology to make those potential dollars spend worth the purchase. Let’s take a peek.


Customers of Yuneec who get their hands on the Typhoon H will receive a drone with a factory-installed Intel RealSense R200 camera with Intel Atom processing technology backing it up. Along with these features comes an ST16 remote controller and accessory Wizard Dual controller for dual operator use of the Typhoon H. Further goodies in the H package include two rechargeable battery units, extra propellers and a custom-designed backpack case that can carry the drone while also looking good.


Now to specify a bit more on Intel’s RealSense technology, it allows the Typhoon H to fly autonomously and intelligently even in obstacle-heavy course without crashing. This isn’t the usual type of autonomous flight we’ve seen in previous 4K drones, it’s the “next level” of intelligent self-navigation, according to Yuneec. The company promises that the new RealSense camera technology of the Typhoon H will also bring safety and potential creative uses by customers of the Yuneec to the same “next level”.

According to Yuneec, the Intel RealSense R200 camera in the Typhoon H and the drone’s quad core Intel Atom processing module work together seamlessly with the UAV flight control firmware to deliver a highly intelligent obstacle navigation system and autonomous flight capacity. In essence, the new Intel system for this drone maps out and adapts to its environment in 3D so that it can then recognize all of the obstacles around it in real time, accurately and thus plan alternative routes around a given area in which the Typhoon H is flying.

Yuneec claims that this development is a major leap forward from the more typical and much simple ultra-sonic obstacle aversion of most current drones, which is designed to stop a drone before it hits an obstacle but isn’t designed to calculate obstacle rerouting.

One other aspect of the RealSense and Atom processor module combo in the H drone is an array of downward facing sensors for higher flight stability and more accurate flying in close quarters where GPS navigation is ineffective.

According to Yu Tian, CEO of Yuneec International,

“Intelligent navigation and obstacle avoidance in complex environments powered by Intel RealSense Technology expands creative possibilities and enhances safety for our customers. Now, users can confidently operate Typhoon H with RealSense Technology in a wide variety of environments that previously required highly-technical piloting.”

Thus, the RealSense and Atom processing combination of technologies installed in this new Typhoon represents what at least promises to be a real advance in consumer drone navigation and smart processing technology, thanks to the partnership between Yuneec and Intel, which was financed to the tune of about $60 million dollars for developing these systems in the Typhoon H and, presumably, future drones as well.

Moving back to more conventional specs, the Typhoon H is one remarkably cool looking piece of UAV technology, with six rotors, a 360 degree central gimbal for unlimited panning and stunning full circle 4K UHD video recording, and the more standard-issue 12 megapixel still photo capacity. These latter two features are both possible due to the drone’s completely new, more powerful than ever CGO3+ 4K aerial recording/action camera.

The Typhoon H also comes with retractable landing gear for unobstructed 360 degree video and photo shooting and offers up a whole menu of preset flight and image capture modes. These include Point of Interest, Orbit Me, Curve Cable Cam, Journey Mode, and Team Mode for film and photography teams. There is also an ultrasonic proximity detection system in the H drone for avoiding large obstacles during manual flight (when RealSense is deactivated) and finally a six-rotor safety failsafe system for letting this newest Typhoon land safely even if a motor fails inside it.

The Typhoon H's landing gear retracted during flight

The Typhoon H’s landing gear retracted during flight

In other words, the Typhoon H already sounds like the best new consumer drone we’ve seen so far, without even having yet reviewed the new model.

On the other hand, the Typhoon H drone also isn’t cheap, considering the top-shelf premium quality it offers up. Yuneec is now offering the UAV for pre-order for $1899 from major retailers and online at their own website,

The Typhoon H starts shipping in four weeks and we recommend checking out this video of the new drone in action, below.

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