Yuneec announces release of its new Typhoon ActionCam handheld 4K steadicam rig

by on November 10, 2015

Stephan Jukic – November 10, 2015

Yuneec, the company famous for its powerful line of consumer unmanned aerial vehicle drones with 4K ultra HD cameras and a flexible flying capacity that’s giving DJI’s best-selling drones a run for their money has now also released a brand new ActionCam handheld 4K UHD Steadicam rig.

Called the Typhoon ActionCam, the new steadycam rig is in certain ways similar to the OSMO recently released by DJI and also marks a step up from the handheld Steadicam system that Yuneec had previously included with purchases of its Typhoon Q500+ 4K UHD-capable UAV drone.

Built to “produce professional quality”, according to Typhoon, the ActionCam is designed to capture “premium” quality video in full 4k ultra HD resolution in a variety of contexts and settings under both indoor and outdoor conditions as well as with different types of lighting. Most fundamentally, the ActionCam is designed for exactly what its name suggests, the kind of video and photo footage that would also be taken with the use of an Action camera like the GoPro Hero 4. However, unlike the GoPro Hero 4 and other similar mountable action cameras, the Typhoon ActionCam uses some powerful and effective technology that has been transferred from Typhoon’s drones to allow ground shots with remarkable smoothness.

Specifcally, the ActionCam comes with a 3-axis gimbal mounting for a ultra HD 4K camera that can manage a runtime at maximum resolution of up to 90 minutes. Further features include the capacity to take 12 megapixel still shots, 1080p Full HD video at a rapidfire 120 frames per second for some excellent slow motion footage and the kind of camera motion flexibility that allows a 115-degree field of vision through a distortion-free lens that doesn’t produce effects such as fish-eye view.

The ActionCam features an ergonomic grip with angle anf pitch controls along with a smartphone mount for a live video feed

The ActionCam features an ergonomic grip with angle anf pitch controls along with a smartphone mount for a live video feed

Other features of the Typhoon ActionCam include the capacity to display real-time footage from a mounted external mobile device with a screen of up to 6.4 inches in size and a range of control and video/photo manipulation options that can be accesses through Typhoon’s CGO3 smartphone app via the same mounted smartphone or mini-tablet.

Precise camera angle control can be worked through the ActionCam’s ergonomically designed handle and allows for manipulation via Pitch Follow and Angle modes for ensuring that a massive range of ground shots come out smoothly.

“Pitch Follow Mode” is designed to lock the camera in a forward facing position so that a user can frame a shot based on their own movement while “Angle Mode” allows a user to capture stable video regardless of the ActionCam rig’s movement, resulting in a high grade of footage smoothness even under situations with heavy movement and shake.

The Typhoon ActionCam Steadicam rig comes with a 4K UHD CGO3 camera included, along with a 1400mAh LiPo battery and smart charger and is available as of November 10th for an MSRP of $549.99 USD.

Interested buyers can check out detailed specs and retail availability details at Yuneec’s website.

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