YouTube Live for E3 2017 Will Be Streaming in Crystal Clear 4K as of June 11th

by on June 2, 2017

Stephan Jukic – June 2, 2017

The massively important E3 trade convention will be kicking off from Los Angeles as of Tuesday June 13th and there will be some huge product reveals from the trade floor for devices like the majorly hyped-up Microsoft Xbox Scorpio 4K HDR gaming console and many other new technologies. Luckily for millions of potential viewers, YouTube will also be on hand to cover preliminary press conference events before the main event through 17 hours of live streamed footage in 4K ultra HD with host Geoff Keighley as of June 11th. Most important among these will be Microsoft’s reveal for the Xbox Scorpio, which starts on the 11th of June.

Other hosts such as Twitch will also be providing their own live coverage of the giant trade show and there will be a big Nintendo event on the 13th of June, among many other special features throughout the course of E3. We’re obviously looking forward to seeing what comes out of the E3 event as a whole though the YouTube 4K stream is tops on our list of the most interesting broadcasts from the annual trade show. For those of you who are interested in watching the 4K feed itself, preferably from your own 4K UHD TVs or monitors as it plays out, here is the link for the YouTube live 4K stream countdown to Sunday June 11th at 4PM Eastern Time/ 1 PM Pacific Time.

As for what we can expect in terms of new revelations from this year’s E3 Conference, since E3 is the world’s biggest video game technology event, you can be sure that lots of cool reveals for games, gear, consoles, A/V technologies and general gossip are going to swirl out of E3. Here’s a quick breakdown of some highly anticipated highlights:

Xbox Project Scorpio

Mjor Xbox project Scorpio reveal for E3 2017

Major Xbox project Scorpio reveal for E3 2017

More information about Scorpio is without any doubt going to be the single biggest thing that most people are waiting to hear from the E3 Conference and the expectation is that Microsoft won’t disappoint this time. The new and reportedly ultra-powerful TV/PC gaming console is something whose definitely impressive specs we’ve already seen, but at E3 we’re hoping to finally see the full unveil of how Scorpio works and what it actually looks like.

We already know that the Scorpio is expected to leave 2016/2017 consoles like the Xbox One S and Sony PS4 Pro in the dust with its performance. We also know that the upcoming device features a 4K Blu-ray drive, full HDR and 4K video playback capacity along with support for Dolby Atmos audio (which is also supported by the Xbox One S and Xbox One consoles) On top of this and most importantly, the Scorpio boasts some truly incredible specs such as a 6TFLOPs of GPU power, 12GB of high-speed GDDR5 RAM, and the already-demonstrated ability to handle games such as “Forza Motorsport” and others (according to Microsoft) at a solid 60fps in native ultra HD resolution. In other words, the Scorpio is expected to deliver PC 4K GPU-levels of power, a first for a game console. However, we have yet to see if these specs and performance demos under highly limited conditions translate out to a Scorpio with broad and serious 4K gaming capacity, and this is something that we’re hoping to see revealed more firmly at E3.

Microsoft Mixed Reality Headsets

The Scorpio isn’t going to be Microsoft’s only major new gaming tech reveal from E3. The company is also indicating that their Mixed Reality platform will be getting a much more detailed showing at E3 and this new device is in fact designed to be compatible with the brand’s consoles, most notably the Scorpio itself and the Xbox One S but also with the older Xbox One.  Microsoft is also expected to work with other brands like Dell, Lenovo and Acer to make their mixed reality VR device end up retailing for less than existing headsets such as the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear.

Microsoft mixed reality headset reveals for E3 2017

While we don’t yet know what exactly Microsoft plans on unveiling about their mixed reality platform at this year’s E3, the hope is that a full demo reveal on this platform is planned. What we do know so far is that this device, instead of going for full-blown total immersion VR, scales things down a notch in an interesting way by overlaying digital animations across the normal world you view through the headset. Thus, things like game characters, graphics, information and other visuals can be viewed playing themselves over the top of your coffee table and so forth.

Sony VR Headset


Sony’s approach to VR for E3 is directed more towards full-blown VR. The company has already unveiled its PlayStation VR headset and we can look forward to E3 being the place where a pile of new games for the PlayStation VR emerge.

Some examples that are being widely expected include a new Spider-Man game, “Star Wars: Battlefront 2” and possibly even a “Fallout 4” VR support announcement.

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