YouTube wants you to know its 4K videos are available, here’s one about a Tropical adventure to Machu Picchu

by on March 7, 2015

Stephan Jukic – March 07, 2015

4K ultra HD video may only have a short history of existence as a consumer entertainment resolution and has only become genuinely popular within the last two years or less but Google, that perennial technology pioneer, has been playing with the format since 2010!

That’s right, while almost nobody else even had any real notion of what 4K video is or how to distribute it, the people at Google’s YouTube division were busy putting up some of the first ultra HD videos on the web. That they were doing this at a time when virtually no PC screens or TVs existed with 4K resolution and virtually no internet connections were capable of streaming the massive data loads of UHD movies is quite an impressive bit of foresight.

Furthermore, YouTube started streaming 4K ultra HD just two years after they even started streaming Full HD movie clips.

Thus, as you can imagine, the online streaming video service now has a surprisingly impressive and varied collection of 4K video content under its belt by now.

In an effort to promote this, Google is now highlighting its 4K videos with a special label that will point out which clips are available in the UHD resolution that offers almost 5 times the pixel clarity of normal Full HD resolution.

According to a YouTube spokesperson, 4K uploads to the service tripled in 2014 and search queries for 4K movies have also continued to rise geometrically during the same time span.

Furthermore, YouTube (Google) says that the VP9 compression codec it has developed and been using for its UHD videos is capable of squeezing the movie clips even through more limited web connections without a need for ultra-high speed broadband in the home. So you can definitely give the UHD clips a try if you have a 4K TV, PC or laptop of your own.

With that said, here is one of these very clips, available in full 4K ultra HD and showing a beautiful journey through the jungle to the remote ancient city of Machu Picchu:

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